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I am thinking of investing in either "Japanese Candlesticks Charting" by Nison or "Beyond Candlesticks" by Nison.
Both are an arm and a leg job price wise so I would like to get it right.

Any advice on any of the following would appreciate.

Q1, Is "Nison" the same guy as "Nilson", that a search on the site throws up as being the guru for candlesticks?
Q2, Do you have comments on either, or possible both books.?
Q3, Does Beyond candlesticks cover most of the early book?
Q4, Is their any other books on the subject worth considering?

Thank you

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1 It is Steve Nison and not Nilson
2 Japanese Candlestick Chartring Technique ISBN 0-13-931650- 7 --- is the best book and only book you will probably need..
3 Don't know anything about it...haven't bothered with that one
4 Start with the first one...probably only one you will need...