Candlestick scans?


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I am looking for advice on how to scan for some of the obvious recognisable candle stick patterns such as morning/evening stars, bull/bear engulfing patterns etc.
I can't find the service in eSignal. Am I missing something? Are there other systems/software which can provide these scans?
Hi Toad

For EOD data Metastock will do this fine. I do not use the intraday Professional MS but I would imagine that would do the same if you want this.
Hi Toad,

Updata's Technical Analyst has extensive candle stick pattern scanner. However, I would urge you to read software review on Updata before rushing out to buy a copy.


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.. or download their free trial and see for yourself. You can always get shot of it if you don't like it
Be aware that Updata's ip feed caters very poorly for those who wish to trade futures RT and that it is going through a period of very iffy data quality on indices
Best scanning I have seen of Candlesticks is in Metastock, and I use it regularly...Steve Nison plug in for Metastck is also very good....

Having used Updata TA to highlight the pattern as well...I can tell you that perhaps in this case Metastock one is far more it highlights and names the pattern..and has more extensive patterns that can be identified...