FAQ Can You Recommend a Mentor, Coach or Trading Course?

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I would recommend Trading with Rayner he has a Price Action Course. Teaches the basic of price action. There is a small fee for the course, but well worth it. Check out Trading with Rayner
These are not the basics of price action. Rather he teaches indicators and candles. Price action has nothing to do with either. If you want to learn the basics of price action, you'll have to get past all that. But if the indicators and candles are working for you, no need to bother. But then you won't be trading price.


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These are not the basics of price action. Rather he teaches indicators and candles. Price action has nothing to do with either. If you want to learn the basics of price action, you'll have to get past all that. But if the indicators and candles are working for you, no need to bother. But then you won't be trading price.
like your re-hased ebooks on wycoff! it's v. ironic that while the 'straight line approach' is so simple, that 90++% of newcomers looking for the 'holy grail' will be unable to accept it

your ebooks r great for 'old' newcomers, who have explored indicators. & r beginning to understand that there is no 'holy grail'. indicators r ultimately calculated from price. then it makes better sense to look directly at price. looking back, my own search for a 'holy grail' combi of indicators can best be described as evading full responsibility for trading decisions. rather than decide for myself, it was easier to let indicators decide

it's always nice to see works like yours, that inspire those on this journey. see you at the journey's end :)


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This thread is a MUST for all wannabee traders just starting out.

Could be interesting for long time traders that never made the profit grade too.


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trading is not rocket science.......

just do what anyone has to do to be a member of the top 5% of their chosen field of business, sport or endeavour...

thats it ......no shortcuts or excuses


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If someone is really want to learn trading then he must start with self-learning, reading blogs and content on websites can also help you.
I agree, self learning and experience are the only way to get success in forex world.

Sorry, no!

Actually, no one can, not really.
The reason is that if you ask for a recommendation, the probable subtext of your question is, “if I get coaching from XYZ – will I become profitable?” If you’re a struggling trader, there’s no mentor, coach or course on the planet that can guarantee to turn you into a successful one. Only YOU can do that! Mentors can help struggling traders uncover issues that are holding them back and then help them to overcome them. Coaches can teach you how they trade and then ensure you have a thorough understanding of their methodology. Courses cover just about everything else. However, none of them have a magic wand that can turn unprofitable traders into profitable ones. It’s the student who has to apply what they’ve learnt, and therein lies the rub. Learning someone else’s methodology or listening to their advice is easy: putting it into practice is anything but.

So, what can a mentor, coach or course do for me?
Good ones can act as a catalyst to help you to get from wherever you are now - onto a path of consistent profitability. They can cut the time line and fast track your progress. But you’ll still have to do the donkey work; no one else can do it for you. Be very clear: throwing money at a mentor, coach or course is not a short cut to an easy life!

. . . And what will this FAQ do for me?
The long answer examines in detail what mentors, coaches and courses will – and won’t – do for you. It uncovers the reasons why many students fail and, often as not, blame the vendors of said services for their lack of success. Once you’ve read this FAQ, you’ll not only know what to expect from a mentor, coach or course but, more importantly, you’ll know what you must expect from yourself in order to stand any real chance of becoming a successful trader. Please note – this FAQ does NOT address the issue of rogue vendors, scammers, snake oil salesmen – call them what you will. Check out the bespoke FAQ devoted to this topic entitled How Can I Distinguish Between Scams and Reputable Vendors?
I wholeheartedly agree with this. If you want to be a successful trader you have to follow the following steps:
1) find a trading philosophy that resonates with you
2)build a trading strategy that is based on the principles of your philosophy.
3) manually backtest your strategy at a portfolio
4) forward test your strategy in a demo account for at least a year
5) move on to a real account with a small amount of money - I would advise around £2,000
6) If you are profitable after year - then congratulations, you are ready to start trading bigger accounts.

I became a profitable trader by following the above. I studied different philosophies and found one that resonated with me. I researched academic papers, read books on trading psychology and risk mitigation. I understood what to aim for and set my expectations based on reality. The truth is that your strategy has to be a part of you - it has to be something you design, wholeheartedly understand and can implement comfortably even in difficult situations. No coaching service will teach you this - their primary concern is giving you a couple of strategies and sending you on their way.

Hope that helps!
NO succesful trader made it without a mentor
This depends on your definition of mentor. A mentor is not a trading education company. A mentor is someone who teaches you the underlying principles and philosophy of your trading style. A mentor is someone that nurtures a trading style that resonates with the student - for example, if I am a long-term trend follower, I am not interested in mentors that teach support-resistance or reversals.

Mentor should be understood in the same sense as a mentor at work. In any job you learn from more senior people and these often become your mentors as you work closely with them and learn from them :)
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on youtube you can find a lot of information about it and you will not have to pay any course
Yes Youtube is a good source. Plus, I think it is always better to stay away from paid ones, why put extra burden on pockets when learning can be done for free.


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As I've said successful traders have mentors- most of them start in a professional environment. The chances of doing ok with a home setup and no support is about 2% -Because it's easy to enter the fray but hard to win.


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I used to take on course when I was younger back then. By course, I am referring to the tutorial, youtube, etc. Not actually paying on them.
But most of the time, I did demo trading which didnt help much.


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I am sure that you have got quite a lot of recommendations so I will just tell you what you can do apart from getting a coach or attendind some lessons on how to trade better. What you can also do is observe an expert trader. If you joined forex tradig because someone introduced you to it then you have observe that person. They probably invited you because things were going good for them. That person will be your starting point. Observe what they do while asking a lot of questions. It is way better than having to read or getting a coach. You learn better when you enjoy what you are doing. As for the advice I want to tell you that you should check all the recommendations that you have got carefully before choosing the right one.
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