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Hi Guys
Any new comments today as to where we might be heading :?:
After yesterdays atrocities in Spain, everything appears to have gone into bearish mood apart from the $ :!:
I note it hit a low of around 1.7930 yesterday and has been volatile between there and 1.8100. Any likelihood of a breakout of 1.8100 or further weakness below 1.7900 :?:
Your views much appreciated.


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:cheesy: :cheesy: ........welcome aboard Skip (Tex/tt).....come on in the room pal....all will be revealed :cool:


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With you on that Skipper.........waiting to jump on meself @ just over 8100, then lock in some prof b4 it hits 8150 and see what happens!.......and keeping an eye on the bomb from 7900.
Don't know how much effect the news is gonna have!

EUR/USD.......Waiting for breaks @ 2285 pushing through 2300 and up.......or down @ 2235.......

F**king ell , two bombs dropped while I was writing :eek: .....managed to get on the the EUR @2230 going out now hope it carries on diving :D

Newtron Bomb

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Hi matt
looking week atm

Come on in to the chat room

Link is on home page

See you all in there

Happy Trading


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Cheers for the invite NB, just got in but couldn't work out how to put my reply up on there :confused: ....I'l go back in a min have another go!

EUR/USD ......Looking for resistance @ 250 or 20ema(on hour chart) to keep sending it downwards!

Cable...... Still waiting for a decent break! :(....whens it gonna come?


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Nice to see that euro's still heading south.. :D
Any thoughts from anyone on where it's gonna turn? ......I'm hoping it breaks through 2160, not far to go now.....wot d'ya reckon?

Haven't touched cable today, although could it get break 790???

Hope your all winning.. ;)


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Both the EUR and GBP are stuck at the support levels of 170 and 920 respectively....they've been doing that for a while now....i'm hoping they fall below these levels but the support seems strong
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