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Hey guys,

I had a question about buy stops,
If i were to put a buy stop order of 100 contracts at a price of 5$ when the price is 4.5$ and if when the price touches 5$ there are only 50 contracts on sale in the order book, i.e at a price of 5$ sellers are only selling 50 contracts, 50 contracts will be purchased, but what will happen to the other 50 contracts which are in excess of the selling quantity at that price, will they buy purchased as a market order or will i be only able to purchase 50 contracts.


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A "buy stop order of 100 contracts at a price of 5$" means "buy 100 contracts at market if the instrument trades at $5"


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oh ok so that means that the order will be executed at market when the price touches 5$
thanks a lot!
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