Buy/Sell system..Consensus of opinion wanted?


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Hi all like minded TA enthusiasts

Given that a reasonably good mechanical buy/sell system has been developed using differing sorts of indicators.
If I run most of the FTSE100 companies through it and some of the companies do not give a buy or sell signal (but obviously have enough volatility to make a bob or two) should I discard the company or should I fit the model to the company until it gives reasonable signals on back testing.
In other words...make the companies fit the model or models fit the companies?
Would value your opinions!

merry Christmas to you all.......ed
If you have devised a buy sell signal to suit your trading style, DO NOT under any circumstances change it. If it does not show a buy/sell on any particular group of shares, then accept there is no trading opportunity for you.

Impatience is the way to losing your capital.

So many people FEEL the need to trade, and I can assure you from experience, you will lose out more often than you will win.

Be patient my friend and you will be rewarded in the longer term.

Best wishes

thanks for the words of wisdom John, it was the methodology I was using but the physchological pull of missed opportunities led me to ask the question.

Have a good christmas and a prosperous new year.