Bush's Visit!


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Do we really need all the aggro and disruption that is going to result from George Bush's state visit?. What exactly do we as a country stand to gain that we wouldn't have got if he wasn't visiting?.
How about a happy leader (eg Happy Tony)? Why an official state visit now? The 1st time since Wilson, 85 yrs ago? Not even reagan received the full monty! Although he did go out riding with the queen. Tony likes all the official palaver! Putin also got a state visit! Didn't he also stay with Lizzy?
You might ask why we need Tony? And, perhaps more fundamentally, why do we need a Royal family? To put foreign dignataries on Official state visits?
Hi all

I'm a big believer in what goes on behind the scenes of government is something very close to Yes Prime Minister where at the end of the day, someone will profit from any government action.
It's served us pretty well up till now....why shouldn't it continue :confused:

The reason Bush is coming over now is that the visit was arranged months ago, the war should have ended and this should have been a great celebration with both leaders looking like kings of the world!!
In the end it's a major oops moment :cheesy:
So couldn't they just have found an easy way out, instead of all this unneccesary nonsense?

Could you imagine if the press got hold of it, let alone all the planning (how ever bad) that has gone into this!!
I still believe it would have been better than all this mess............It is already a PR disaster for both Bush and Blair so what could be worse?
Bush wants a photo with the Queen.
To pull in votes from the the little englanders.
Election coming up.

Tony is irrelevant.
I'm just waiting to see Gordon Brown embarrass himself
by turning up in a lounge suit.
Sorry most of the above is just Newsnight tinged with The Grauniad. The real shame for us all is that apparently it now takes thousands of armed police to protect official State visitors. I doubt that it will be an obvious PR disaster for Bush and Blair - except on "Have I got News for You". Certainly they don't seem fazed by a mob of terrorist Fellow Travellers and other Useful Idiots (to steal Lenin's phrase). Why should they?. Maybe that's part of the point they are making.
Well. I back the right of Mr Blair to invite Mr Bush to come.. And he right of those who want to protest.

Many of the sentiments expressed in this thread - I feel- do no justice to the honestly held opinions of both sides of the argument and manage to portray both as childish and trivial..

Maybe of course that is true : but being rude to people you disagree with is the first sign you are losing the argument.before it has started... (like may politicians:)..
This thread has nothing to do with the pros and cons of Bush's foreign policy but the inconvenience the protection of one guy(Bush) is going to cause most people working and living in central London............and all 4 what?
The problem may not be Mr Bush or Mr Clinton etc etc.

but the unruly mob who need constraining.

the right to 'peaceful' protest has become a bonanza for 'rent-a-mob' who seem intent on causing mayhem and damage to attract maximum publicity.

Demonstrations these days are organised on a quid pro quo basis.

"You attend my demo and I'll attend yours."

They no longer have any meaning. They have sold their integrity for a T.V interview.
Street prostitutes ?
Bonsai, unfortunately i don't share that view............maybe u should remember that some lives are being lost as a result of Bush's Iraq war, maybe u should put yourself in d 'victims' shoes' and think of how you would feel.
"but the unruly mob who need constraining."

Hmm you don't agree with them so they are unruly:)
sorry, but that really is just crass.

it's a pity you didnt live under the saddaam regime, you
would soon correct your perspective.

you may think that, but you couldnt devise a more fallacious argument.
So the rising tide of crime and continous killing of Iraqis and so-called coalition soldiers in Iraq means it has improved. Sadam has always been a danger to his people but the west only turned against him when it suited us so lets stop using Sadam's cruelty as an excuse for the invasion.............and i am definitely not unruly or some communist larky but i support the right of people to demonstrate..............if Bush has really helped the people of Iraq why can't he pay a state visit to Iraq and walk the streets of Baghdad (without massive security blanket) to the popular adulation of the Iraqis he has saved.
Has anyone seen the new Hugh Grant movie "Love Actually"?? What a shame we cant have a prime minister like the one Mr.Grant portrays, instead of the "5lbs of sh*t in a 10lb bag" one that we've got now.
Britain and America are showing the world that we stand shoulder to shoulder 2 nations of many who are united to bring global peace ,propesirty and capitalism to all those who want it and even those who dont . And i think it would of been more like that Tony didnt invite George, more rather "Tony some of the boys in the back office have done some thinking lately and without too much detail, I'm coming to good old London England"
der der der der der Deerrrrr Oh the bombs bursting in air etc. etc...

Now until we can stand firmly shoulder to shoulder with the embryo that is "The United States Of Europe" we are going to have to take it up the u know what from the states.

so lets give 3 cheers for tony, hip hip, AAAArrrrrrGGGhh not again george.

its a pity you seem to have so little understanding of what life
is like under such a regime.
to dismiss the suffering and agony these people have endured
for the sake of politicking about Bush is frankly an abuse of the freedoms you enjoy.

Do you have any idea what state sanctioned torture involves ?

shame on you.
the only problem with a united europe is that every county in europe has lived off the US gravy train and ****ed all the money away

so within a short time the dream of europe and the euro is gonna be all over - the UK and Germany are the only ones putting money into Europe ( why do you think they want the UK otherwise) and thats why are all the other countries knocking on the door to get in - the only club in the world you get paid to join

sooner or later Germany, France or Italy are gonna crack and want out so they can get on with running real economies and not monkeying around to satisfy a pointless and devastatingly expensive bureaucratic dream/nightmare