George Bush Jr: America's unluckiest president ever?


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I am beginning to think that George Bush jr is the most unlucky person to ever be president of the US (at least in my lifetime)....Starting from the problems with the votes that got him elected in the first place , through various disasters like 9-11 and many others, up to the California fires raging right now. Is this a fair assessment of his tenure in office or am i being unduly harsh?
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All presidents/heads of state have their fair share of problems/good-bad luck. You only have to look at Tony Blair here in Uk who has taken us to war more times than any post war prime minister, as an example of foreign policy problems.

As for President Bush, you do wonder wether he has any input at all in decisions or wether he is just a master delegator/consensus builder, with the 'key levers' of dick cheyney, rumsfeld, andrew card (chief of staff) condaleeza rice and to an extent colin powell forming the inner circle.

You don't have to look very far back to see other unlucky presidents, Carter springs to mind, but I think the difference between most presidents to judge is wetrher their luck (good or bad) is self induced. Certainly reagan, bush and clinton's 'bad'l uck was probably self induced, not so sure about carter.

Does this question even matter ? One thing is for certain and that is he isnt anything like as unlucky as the thousands that have died and are continuing to do so as a direct result of his foreign policies.

It matters cos it affects people all over the world...........a lot of lives have been affected by his 'bad luck' and policies like u said.
He's actually very lucky. Otherwise how could a dimwit like him become president ?

Trader 333, you think the people who have died are unlucky ? what about those who have lost their limbs, their sight etc. And for what ? Lets hope that Bush and Blair experience some of this horror in their own lives shortly.
I am not one for hoping ill on others all I was trying to do was show that being lucky is a relative thing depending upon what your benchmark is.

Reminder: Bush doesn't make the decisions on his own

it's a team effort, that being Dick, Bush & Colon

i wish Bush would appoint someone with the surname 'Head'

He and his team have been a curse to the whole world with all the events that have been happening during his tenure. The world has become a more dangerous place cos of their various decisions.