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can anyone advise why i am unable to view boards, Iam a registered member and am logged in. When i try to view level 11
board i keep being advised only members can view.

Hi Geoffrey,

The reason is because the last post in that board was on the 2nd of July, and I suspect you've viewing only the last 30 days of threads in that forum. You can change on the forum page (there's a dropdown at the bottom of the page). Alternatively if you'd always like to see ALL threads then go here:


and change "Default Thread View:" to "Show all threads" rather than "Use forum Default" - which for a lot of the forums is 30 days. This then applies to all forums, and so no chance of missing a thread in future.
Hi Sharky
It's great to see all the new subscribers but in fairness
is it a one way street. ?
There does not seem to be a way to unsubscribe, so once we are
'on the books' are we here forever ?


just in case anyone's got other "pseudonyms" they've been using to post arguments with .....

oops - maybe i shudda used me other name....

but t'is a fair point....

...........you can check anytime you like, but you can never leave........ Hotel California by The Eagles
You're right, the total registered members isn't necessarily a good indication of how many people actually use the site on a regular basis. It's certainly true that members have registered, and then never been seen since - and dsmodi is also quite right there's nothing stopping someone reregistering under a different username AND email address.

As for unsubscribing we could easily add a facility to allow members to unsubscribe themselves, but that would leave the site prone to 13 yr-old hack3r deleting everyone! If members do wish to unregister and this has happened in the past, a quick email to me soons gets them deleted off the system, and their posts set to 'guest'.
ok Sharky
no problem, just a quiet market and letting
the right side of my brain have an hour off.