keyser soze

Hi this is the place for me to post as I know well virtually nothing :eek: but I suppose its got to start somewhere, I was just wondering about registering with a broker are there any to avoid or anything I should look out for :?:
There's no point in registering with any broker ... yet. If you know virtually nothing you've got lots of homework to catch up on first, before you even consider putting a single pound into the market.

Remember that 90-95% lose or break even - this should be your incentive to study hard, decide what type and style of trading suits your lifestyle, decide on your strategy, make sure you fully understand the importance of money management, acknowledge the part your ego plays in trading, and then spend a considerable time paper trading or spread betting at, say, 5p a point. Then, and only then, should you consider putting any hard-earned money into the market. And then don't be surprised if you lose it, get battered by the markets and the psychological power of trading, and then have to start all over again.

Yes, I'm being blunt ... but I'm also telling it 'as it is' not as you want to hear it. :D
Thanks for that, to be honest I was just looking for something to post about and get acquainted with the other members and as I did'nt know virtually anything it was the only thing I could think of asking at the time :D but thanks for your input and don't worry about being blunt when it comes to my hard earned cash I want to hear it like it is :cheesy:

BTW how does the vote system on the left work ?