Brokers/PDR ruels/prices...


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Brokers/PDT rules/prices...

Hello every1. i'd like your opinions on a couple of things to do with trading accounts, being a newbie to the game.

1/ If i was to trade a small number of shares (100-200) throughout the day who would be the overall cheapest broker when taking into consideration commissions/platform fees etc?:
IB, Nextrend, Realfasttrader, others??

2/ I dont like the idea of having to stick $25k into an account in order to be able to be a pattern day trader. I was told someting about how if i traded single stock futures i wouldn't be resricted to 3 trades in 5 days as the same rules don't apply...How would this work in terms of: limited stocks/brokers offfering ssfutures/ spreads/any other differences i am not aware of.

If anyone has any opinons/experience/answers on any of the aboive i would be grateful to hear your view.

Bye for now

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