British Library Meet 31st July?


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Hi folks,

Any chance we could change the day of the meeting to Thursday rather than Wednesday? That way I would able to attend.
All being well I'll be there as planned.Anyone else apart from Mark planning to be there?
Hi Peter,
It's 10am, in the cafe on the ground floor. We usually meet for about 2 hours.
I would like to attend one of those if you dont mind, i am on holiday now, will you let me know when the next one is on in London

Hi Sun,

Yes there will be one in August but it will probably be the Thursday again not the usual Wednesday (I can only get childcare on Thursday!). So it will be Thursday 28th August. Would be good to meet you :)
Good to see people again and to meet Jim for the first time :) Last Thursday in August for the next one.

Gonna try and get along to the August one, make meself known.

Would have come today but boss over from the US, probably best to have been here ;-)


It was great to meet up with people again - always great to confirm a human side to trading :)

Looking forward to the next one!
With Helen gone, are these meetings still going ahead? Is anyone planning on turning up tomorrow?