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Well chaps, back again. Unfortunately, the London experience did not go to plan - at least I can wait a month until the exams start again!

Which begs the question how do I best fill my time? All of my TA knowledge has been accumulated from the web - but I also feel that sitting down with a good book to scribble on would help my progress. What books in particular have you found to be useful? I am esp interested in the understanding bullish and bearish divergances and candlesticks, as well as a better understanding of lagging/leading indicators. Anything complex like fibernacci retracements are lost on me as I do not have a charting package, so the simple things explained well are what I am looking for. It may be that more than one book is reccommended - the more the merrier!
Thanks all

I,m sure Bob Debenham from AIQ won't mind me passing his list on to you.

I have book 12 (Steven B Achelis and think it is good value and readable.


Bob Debnam

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**** BOOK 1 - Introduction to Technical Analysis +CD Martin Pring -
Hardback - 304 pages ****

A comprehensive 8-hour CD-ROM tutorial and accompanying 304-page workbook,
designed for the beginner to intermediate technician.

Over 8 hours of multimedia, interactive instruction, puts you high on the
learning curve in no time.
Every chapter is full of animated diagrams, eye-catching animated
reinforcements and real marketplace movies - so concepts are learned,
applied and retained.
Every chapter has an interactive quiz designed to strengthen newly acquired

The 304-page workbook is an excellent quick and easy reference source.

A complete table of contents and in-depth index on the CD lets you locate
topics instantly.



Some Ground Rules 3
What Is Technical Analysis? 4
Methods of Plotting Charts 6
Bar Chart 6
Line Chart 7
Point-and-Figure Chart 8
Candlestick Chart 9
Methods of Scaling Charts 11


Different Types of Trends 15
The Market Cycle Model 18
Peak-and-Trough Analysis 19
How Significant Is the Reversal? 22


Definition 29
General Rules 32
Examples 36



Rectangles 44
Four Basic Principles of Pattern Interpretation 48
Pattern Significance 48
Measuring Implications 50
Confirmation of a Valid Breakout 56
Volume 57
Head-and-Shoulders Formations 63
Head-and-Shoulders Tops 63
Reverse Head-and-Shoulders 65
Continuation Head-and-Shoulders 67
Head-and-Shoulders Failures 69
Examples 72
Double Tops and Bottoms 76
Broadening Formations 80
Triangles 88


Extended Trendlines 101
Significance of Trendlines 103
Trend Channels 106
Corrective Fan Principle 112
Logarithmic Versus Arithmetic Scale 114


Flags 117
Pennants 118
Wedges 119
Saucers and Rounding Tops 120
Key Reversal Days 121
2-Day Reversals 123
Outside Days 125
Inside Days 126
Gaps 127
Breakaway Gap 130
Runaway Gap 130
Exhaustion Gap 131
Island Reversals 132


The Concept 137
Simple Moving Averages 137
Rules of Interpretation 142
Front-Loaded Averages 154
Envelopes and Bollinger Bands 155



Overbought and Oversold 165
A Useful Tip 168
The Importance of Time Frames 169
Divergence 170
How to Tell the Significance of a Divergence 173
Divergences Must Be Confirmed by Price 175
Trend-Line Violations 176
Price Pattern Completion 178
Moving Averages and Momentum Indicators 180


Rate of Change 183
Overbought and Oversold Levels 184
Trendline Construction 185
Price Patterns 189
The RSI 195
Interpreting the RSI 197
Moving-Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) 206
Stochastics 211
Interpretation 214


Introduction 223
Principles of Volume interpretation 224


Basics of Candle Construction 237
Reversal Patterns 242
Hammers and Hanging Men 242
Dark Cloud Cover and the Piercing Line 243
Engulfing Patterns 244
Stars 246
More on Dojis 248
Upside Gap Two Crows 250
Continuation Patterns 250
Upside and Downside Gaps 250
Rising-Three and Falling-Three Methods 251


Good Places to Enter Positions 257
Good Places to Take Profits or Cut Losses 266
How to Deal with False Breakouts 274


**** BOOK 2 - The New Science of Technical Analysis Tom DeMark -
Hardback - 247 pages ****

Tom DeMark has been a valued advisor to such financial barons as Leon
Cooperman, George Soros and Laurence Tisch. He and his models have shaped
the investment strategies of some of the largest and most successful
trading operations in the world. Now, at last, Thomas DeMark has decided to
go public and share with traders and investors everywhere the proven
techniques that make him one of the most potent behind-the-scenes forces in
the financial world. In this long awaited first book, DeMark describes his
revolutionary methods. Here are the most successful technical strategies
developed in the last twenty years. Learn new oscillators, scientific wave
theory, price projection methods and more. Tom has even revealed the
secret method that he developed working for those billion dollar investors
- the Sequential method of zeroing in on market tops and bottoms.

"DeMark's emphasis on the 'new science' of technical analysis helps push
the technical frontier another step forward. With the unprecedented
attention now being paid to technical analysis, this new book couldn't have
come at a better time." - John Murphy, CNBC

"This book is filled with innovative, creative, and clever new ideas on
technical analysis. Tom DeMark has done a wonderful job of turning
subjective techniques into objective strategies and tactics." - Courtney
Smith, Pinnacle Inc.

"Those who know him and his work call him the consummate technician - a
trading system developer without peer." - Futures Magazine


**** BOOK 3 - Schwager on Futures - Fundamental Analysis J. Schwager
- Hardback - 640 pages ****

Fundamental Analysis, is the most comprehensive, in-depth book ever written
on the use of fundamental analysis for futures trading.
· Learn how to apply the techniques of technical analysis to fundamental
data - information not found elsewhere.
· Shows how regression analysis works and tells you how to use it as a tool
for price forecasting.
· Includes step-by-step instruction on how to build a forecast model.
· 13-chapter section illustrates applications of fundamental techniques to
individual markets and market groups.
· Outlines how to analyze seasonal fluctuations, including seasonal price
charts of 27 active markets.
Numerous charts, tables and examples illustrate all key concepts, and the
text itself is written in the clear, non-technical style that has made Jack
Schwager one of today's most widely read and highly regarded investment

"Futures guru Jack Schwager has created the definitive source on using
fundamental analysis for price forecasting that no trader can afford to be
without." - Tom Baldwin, Chairman: Baldwin Group.

"Jack Schwager always provides clear and compelling material on the often
opaque subject of futures trading."
- Richard Dennis, President: Dennis Trading Group


**** BOOK 4 - Benjamin Graham on Value Investing J. Lowe - Hardback
- 246 pages ****

Lessons from the Dean of Wall Street Celebrating the 100-year anniversary
of the birth of Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing; this is the
first book to introduce Graham's theories in the context of both his life
and work.

"One of the luckiest events in my life was when I met Ben Graham. Now
Janet Lowe gives her readers a similar opportunity. Janet's portrait is
right on the mark, and anyone with an interest in investments will relish
this book."
Warren E. Buffet, Chairman: Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

"Graham's teachings gave me a lifetime investment philosophy at an early
age when I had no philosophy. This is a great book!" - Charles Brandes,
Managing Director: Brandes Investment Partners Inc.

"Every serious investor should read Janet Lowe's book to understand the
genius who literally created the framework for investment analysis that
leads to successful investing. Like that other genius Edison, Graham
created light where there was none." - Bill Ruane, Sequoia Fund


**** BOOK 5 - Elliott Wave Principle Robert Prechter -
Hardback - 300 pages ****

"This is a definitive, excellent book on Elliott, and I recommend it to all
who have an interest in the Wave Principle."
- Richard Russell, Dow Theory

"A top drawer reference for serious technical analysts...all the nuts and
bolts necessary to do their own Elliott Wave assembly."
- Futures Magazine.

"Chapter three is the best description of Fibonacci numbers we've seen in
print and that alone is worth the price of the book."
- The Dines Letter

"In a third of a lifetime in this business, this was the first time I
really understood Elliott, and this is certainly the first book on Elliott
that I could recommend. All of the methods that Prechter has used so
successfully are fully described in this book."
- The Professional Investor.

"Elliott Wave Principle is such an important, fascinating, even
mind-bending work, we are convinced that it should be read by ANY and EVERY
serious student of the market, be they fundamentalists or technicians,
dealing in stocks, bonds or commodities."
- Market Decision $

"Even allowing for minor stumbles, that 1978 prediction must go down as the
most remarkable stock market prediction of all time."
- Money Review.

Recipient of the Technical Analysis Association's Award of Excellence.


**** BOOK 6 - R.N. Elliott's Masterworks Robert Prechter. -
Hardback - 311 pages ****

After being out of print for decades, R.N. Elliott's original works are now
available in this one complete volume. Includes:
The Story of R.N. Elliott The Wave Principle (1938) The
Financial World Articles (1939)
Selected Essays - (1940-1942) Nature's Law - The Secret of the Universe

"An impressive volume from cover to cover. Prechter's knowledge of the
subject shows clearly." - Futures Magazine

"Believe it or not, this is the first time anyone has assembled all of Mr.
Elliott's works in one book. That alone makes the book worthwhile for your
financial library." - James Dines, The Dines Letter

"Mr. Prechter has performed an outstanding service to the investment
community in bringing together, in a single volume, the major writings of
R.N. Elliott." - Donald J. Hoppe's Analysis


**** BOOK 7 - The Option Advisor Bernie Schaeffer -
Hardback - pages ****

In The Option Advisor: Wealth Building Techniques Using Equity and Index
Options, Schaeffer offers his own carefully tested, prudent, and profitable
strategies for trading options. He begins by dispelling outdated folklore
and beliefs about the options world, and reveals instead how options can be
used as an inexpensive, leveraged vehicle for profiting from the movement
in an equity. With clarity and logic, he explains the basic principles of
options trading, emphasizing, in particular, why options cannot be traded
like stocks - a potentially very costly mistake.

Schaeffer delves into the psychology of options trading, demonstrating how
to distinguish between "high" and "low' expectation stocks, how to measure
sentiment, and how to master the valued Contrary Opinion Theory for
successful trading. He shares his wealth building techniques for selecting
the right stocks, assessing risk, managing your options portfolio, and,
most important, for reading market timing indicators. What The Option
Advisor boils down to is expert guidance on managing your money, while
avoiding the most common errors of options trading.

From the novice to the experienced investor, The Option Advisor offers a
gold mine of information on how to achieve success in options trading.


**** BOOK 8 - The Warren Buffet Way Robert Hagstrom -
Hardback - 274 pages ****

Investment strategies of the world's greatest investor. Peter Lynch,
best-selling author of One Up on Wall Street, says he's "the Greatest
Investor of them all." Forbes dubbed him "The richest person in America
and an investment genius on a scale that the world rarely sees." What is
the secret of Warren Buffett's spectacular success? How has he managed to
so consistently beat all the major indices and so regularly come up a
market winner? Is his track record really nothing more than a rare
statistical aberration - or is it the result of an identifiable approach
that other investors can learn and master? The Warren Buffett Way offers
investors their first in-depth look at the innovative investment and
business strategies behind Warren E. Buffett. Tracing Buffett's career
from the beginning, Hagstrom, tells us exactly how, starting with an
initial investment of only $100, Buffett built a business empire worth
$19.4 billion.

"Robert Hagstrom presents an in-depth examination of Warren Buffett's
strategies, and the 'how and why' behind his selection of each of the major
equity securities that have contributed to his remarkable record of
success." - John C. Bogle, The Vanguard Group

" It's first rate. Here is the low-down on every major stock he ever
bought and why he bought it. Fascinating. You could even try this at
home." - John Rothchild, Financial columnist, Time magazine


**** BOOK 9 - MacMillan on Options Lawrence McMillan -
Hardback - 570 pages ****

No one knows more about options than world famous trader and best-selling
author, Lawrence McMillan. And once again, he's receiving universal
acclaim. This time for McMillan on Options - sure to become the new Bible
of options trading. This latest work reveals, for the very first time, the
author's personal strategies and techniques that he has perfected in over
20 years of phenomenal trading.

McMillan's first book, Options as a strategic Investment, has sold over
130,000 copies making it the top selling options book of all time.
McMillan on Options is destined to be an even bigger hit.

In his new book, McMillan shares his closely guarded secrets of success.
You can learn these strategies in this 570 page volume, covering
everything you ever wanted to know about how to win with options.

"countless professional techniques, tips and short cuts are fully revealed
by McMillan. This book's over 570 pages will surpass his first book in
content specifically designed to help investors increase their bottom
- Chris Myers. President, Trader's Library

"Without a doubt, the best options book currently available. McMillan on
Options is a must-read for anyone professionally or individually interested
in options."
- Thomas J. Dorsey. President, Dorsey Wright & Associates

"In Options as a Strategic Investment, Lawrence G. McMillan demonstrated
that he is without peer as an options strategist and educator. McMillan on
Options is an outstanding sequel whose value for the reader goes beyond
education to include a number of practical option trading approaches and
- B. G. Schaeffer. President, Investment Research Institute


**** BOOK 10 - Trading Chaos Bill Williams - Hardback - pages

Applying Expert Techniques to Maximize Your Profits

Trading Chaos: Applying Expert Techniques to Maximize Your Profits

This unique book will teach how to spot huge trading opportunities from
seemingly random market events.

In this breakthrough work, author Bill Williams gives you the benefit-of
his unique qualifications: 35 years of successful trading and a PhD in
psychology. The instructional techniques used in Trading Chaos have been
tested and refined in the workshops, seminars, and private tutoring
sessions Dr. Williams has conducted in 12 different countries.

Designed for all traders-from beginner to experienced professional-Trading
Chaos introduces you to the financial applications of chaos in five
graduated stages, starting with a clear, nontechnical introduction (Level
One: The Novice Trader) all the way to chart analysis, fractals, Elliott
Wave, and advanced nonlinear dynamics (Level Five: The Expert Trader).


**** BOOK 11 - Martin Pring on Market Momentum Martin
Pring - Hardback - 245 pages ****

Amazon. com reader's give to Martin Pring's Martin Pring on Market

This 245-page hard cover book provides Martin's personal interpretation
and usage for 33 distinct indicators. Begins with a primer on the basic
principles which apply to all momentum indicators - overbought/oversold
conditions, how to interpret them and where to draw the lines are covered
in detail, as well as divergences (both elementary and complex), advance
breakdowns and breakouts.

Also covered are the Herrick Payoff, Commodity Channel Index, Trix, the
Ultimate Oscillator and Accumulation Swing. Other chapters cover Volume
Oscillators and Breadth Momentum including Arms and McCellan. Throughout
all twelve chapters, Martin gives his own unique interpretation along with
each indicator's strengths and weaknesses.

All twelve chapters are bursting with in-depth figures, charts, graphs and
formulas providing solid insight as to how each works.


**** BOOK 12 - Technical Analysis from A to Z Steve Achelis -
Hardback - 331 pages ****

Provides a sound introduction to technical analysis and reference material
for over 100 technical indicators. Offers a concise explanation of how to
use the vast array of complex technical indicators commonly found in
technical analysis software programs.

Written by Steven B. Achelis, president and founder of EQUIS, Technical
Analysis from A to Z is the most up-to-date, clear and concise guide to
technical analysis ever published. Eminently practical, the first part of
the book explains the basic concepts and terminology of technical analysis
in ana easy-to-follow manner. The second half describes in detail virtually
every technical indicator in use today.

All told, the book covers over 100 indicators, ranging from classic
indicators like moving averages, to more complex tools like parabolics and
fourier transforms. Each indicator is defined and analyzed and includes an
example, and in many cases, a step-by-step explanation of the relevant
calculations is given.


**** BOOK 13 - Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
Lefevre - Softback - pages ****

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
Profiled in Worth Magazine as one of the four investment classics of all
time, this fictionalized biography is among the most compelling books ever
written on trading in the markets. Penned in 1923, the text remains
timeless because it captures a trader's mind so accurately­ the
recollections of mistakes, lessons learned and insights gained. Packed with
observational gems about the markets and trading.

For your Candlesticks the accepted bible is Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison can be purchased from any of the on site suppliers. Obtain quotes from a number before ordering
Shaould have also mentioned:

"Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets" by John Murphy

Ignore the title it is good for all markets, and between these two books doubt you will have a need for any others.

Can be obtained from WWW.GLOBAL-INVESTOR.COM whos service is excellent, but compare with other sitesfor comparitive quote.

Best wishes

I agree .TA by Murphy is a 100% must.It is just so good and contains 90% + useful understandable information.( has a little bit about futures/options)

Hi Mark, All this advice comes a bit late for me as i have just ordered from Equis: M Pring's Introduction to Technical Analysis comes with CD Seminar and workbook.
Visual investor by J Murphy.
T A A to Z by S T Achelis.
Charting Made easy by don't know as it is part of a bundle. I've heard most of these talked about on this and other sites thats how i picked them


John Murphy's book has been retitled as "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets"

Same book just updated and reprinted.