Bollinger Bands Secrets


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I want to share a system with you all today

it uses bollinger bands

now, i did not use to be a fan of bollinger bands but recently i have came across this secret of using the bands which i am going to share with you all today

it uses 2 deveations

bands deveation 2 and bands deveation 1

I want the open price to be outside the bands deveation 2 then the price to come past deveation 1 bands all at the same candle

i use 25 pip stop loss and 50 pip target 2:1 risk rewards

thats it

nothing fancy , just plain price action ,

all you need to do is win 50% of the time and you make money

you can trade this on all majors

oh forgot to mention to use this on the 1 hour timeframe

good luck

james agnew :cool:


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hey James

double bollingers are a nice angle....try 3 SD's as well.....that really kicks back hard !

I personally prefer my envelopes as Keltners or even standard MA's with % price bands added not a big fan of how Bollingers balloon out both ways ........

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