Bitcoin Trading?


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In this situation of Coronavirus is it a wise decision to buy more bitcoin or you can consider any other cryptocurrency to buy? Also, can you suggest which altcoins are best to hold for the future?


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Realistically its all a gamble! if you can't afford to lose it.....better not to invest. I personally am still very bullish on crypto in general. It isn't going away . It's like investing in penny stock,....risky, volatile but the upside potential is hugh!


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Obviously, the world will change significantly as soon as the wave of the epidemic breaks out. Health care will be reformed, interstate borders will become clearer, and migration flows will change direction. But all of this is a consequence of global shifts in the world economy, which has received a terrible blow from the invisible enemy and, according to the laws of nature, must change into something stronger.
Is it possible that Bitcoin, which is now an indicator of the unfortunate situation, will become a salvation from it?
So, we have an equation with two variables: the dollar and bitcoin. And it is clear that if it is lost in one place, it will certainly increase in another place.
The pandemic that collapsed the stock markets could be a key factor in the mass transition to cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. The reason is the traditional American way of saving the economy. Namely, an injection of a $7 trillion into a large business. And that's not the limit yet.
If try to give some more definite forecast of the situation with Bitcoin and cryptos after the pandemic, it will rather be a positive trend. However, it is necessary to closely monitor the correlation of cryptocurrencies with markets. Its decrease may indicate a greater independence of digital coins. And another "black swan" can consolidate this position. It can bring either even more bad news for the world economy, or good news for Bitcoin.
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