Bitcoin - online fad or the future?



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Fibo is a friggin dummy too, that's why he belongs here with all the retards in Retard Central .......... see below .........

remember when I gav back so much profit on Bitcoin by not getting out at the top because I was thought-ing it would go further and that thre were no compelling reasons to exit from the LONG and collect the masssssivvvvveissssimo profits... so I stayed in and got f******. I gave back a shitload of dough, made money but it was bloody peanuts compared to what I had earned before stupidty got the better of me.

So wtf was the one thing I missed? M*************** it was sooo simple and I missed it. See the monthly trendline extended to right edge of chart and then Bitcoin rises to hit it and gts buggered.

Missed that and it cost me dearly



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Jesus and Bitcoin both born in a manger. There will be no gold, frankincense or myrrh the next time around Jesus comes to visit. He will be gifted Bitcoin.

FIBO insurance just in case: trading only, no investment in Bitcoin, trading trading trading only. If she gets down to 200 bucks, I'll nail her for sure

630 million views :)

Wish for the New Year



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The Fibo says, "who gives a rat's ass about Bitcoin? We come back for the music" God help me! :) :)


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Slam dunk! again and again and again

She walks everyday thru' the streets of London
She's innocent and young from a family of NO means
I've stood many times outside her window at night
To struggle with my instinct in the pale lamplight
How can I be this way when I pray to God above
I must love what I destroy and destroy the thing I love



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As long as bitcoin remains on the network, it will continue to trade. Their goal is to reach 21 million Bitcoins by the end of the year. Using Bitcoins for online purchases has not worked out as well as people expected. Investors have sometimes treated it like a digital gold rush, but the price fluctuates between getting higher and getting lower. There has been a severe financial loss.


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I don't know where you saw the financial loss. The high fluctuations are due to high leverage taken by rich CEOs to buy maximum bitcoins and they sell it all at once which causes the dip, these fluctuations. And for purchases i would like to inform you that EI Salvador has made the BTC their legal tender and have made a positive impact on the price of the BTC. The previous market crashed for a month but the market rebounded and nearly everyone got their money back, those who didn't must have bought BTC at ATH, which is never a good idea.
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