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I have finally got the hang of binaries and am fairly consistent. Binary Bets being a bookmaker presumably ban punters who win regularly. Does anyone know if getting banned is a major risk?


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Don't know about getting banned, but they can make things akward for you. I guess it would depend on how much you are betting as well.

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I think I have answered this before in another thread. (not with binaries though)

They will restrict your bet size, offer you inferior prices, remove your internet access (make you phone in your trades) If that does not put you off, they will send you a nice letter saying that the directors of the firm have decided that they can no longer take your business.

Been there, done it, T-Shirt etc.



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Dont get over confident. Being banned is the least of your

The market has a habit of mutating just when you think youve
got it sussed.


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Their pricing was poor initially, i.e. their vol estmates were useless.
They soon figured that one out! They force you to brake up larger orders, anything in size will get rejected and you'll have to call in (price will have moved, of this you can be sure)
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