Big Shoes to Fill



G'day All,

this has nothing to do with financial trading so is way off board but...

I have always enjoyed wearing Church's shoes and the store that I buy them from in Australia has ceased to stock them. I have searched the net to no avail seeking a stockinst that will ship them out to Australia whenever I need a pair.

As they were (are still I hope) made in England, I figure someone on this board must know a great Shoe store that will give me great service so I can buy lots of shoes!

Hope you can help - email me at cb at dallancorp dot com if you have any suggestions.



PS In return I'll let England win another sporting trophy from Australia this century - :cheesy:
I don't know. The things I do for England !


give them a bell : they may even ship direct ?

I think they did for Guy Burgess !



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AOL search gives 10's of internet sites.AussieTrader - I don't suppose you've got any Big-Fish pics for the 'Big-Game' fishing thre

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Buy Church's Shoes at Jones Bootmaker - Church's footwear at One of the UK's most contemporary footwear retailers, we offer a wide variety ...

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Church's English Shoes - In this ever changing world, it's reassuring to know that there are some constants, Church's English Shoes for instance. Since 1873 ...

Church's English Shoes - ... A fine hand-finish by the best British Craftsmen combined with elegant styling. We bring you the best of both worlds in the new range of Church's Shoes. ...

Church's Shoes at Herring Shoes - ... the same service worldwide with a unique opportuity to our customers to; "Wear the best for Less" by offering the Famous Church's brand of shoes which are hand ...

Church's Shoes at Herring Shoes - ... A. We have hundreds of church's shoes available through our family run shops, so we are hopeful we can find either the exact match or a very close alternative. ...

Regent Street: home to Viyella, Church's shoes, Liz Claiborne and ... - London's Regent Street with Viyella womenswear and Church's shoes, Liz Claiborne and Racing Green. < BACK TO HOME PAGE < BACK TO ...

Church's Shoes at Herring Shoes - HERRING SHOES specialists in quality footwear. ...

Church's Shoes at Herring Shoes - ... The two most important things in life are a good bed and a good pair of shoes because you spend your life in one or the other.". ...

Church's shoes sold for £108 million - ... The enduring popularity of Church & Co shoes has remained with the aristocracy, politicians, City gents and professions such as barristers, as well as being ...

church shoes [Toxic Lemon: shoes] - church shoes (shoes) blended listings on Toxic Lemon UK, your refreshing guide to the Internet in the UK. ... Click here to visit the Church Shoes web site. ...

YvRA - Adresboek - Church's Shoes - Church's Shoes. Adres: Bond Street 163 London England. Telefoon: +44 171 4938307. Categorie: winkel. Merken: Church. Produkten: schoenen. Yvo's Notities: ...

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Thanks for the link. I will now get in touch. Problem with random searches via google etc is that you can't guarantee the wuality of the service and goods. Makes a big difference when you are 15000 km away.

Re Big Fish - a mate of mine runs a tuna and kingfish 'farm'. Every now and again a cage of the giant kingfish escape and people from all over South Australia travel to catch one of the monstors. Even on heavy tackle they take hours to land but nothing like catching a four foot bundle of fish muscle to feed the family!

Never had the pleasure myself but have seen some beauties.

Cheers and thanks again


for the link you guys can win the train spotting championship of the world !
Per ardua ad astra to you too sport.

that'll cost you at least a full crate of heineken !
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Church's English Shoes has been taken over by an Italian fashion house.........................

Never mind, perhaps we can interest you in a Rolls Royce ? or a Bentley ? or if you're looking for something a little less flashy how about a Mini ?

Great British merchandise is truly reassuring in this modern world !

it was always a toss up between the English and Italian shoes for me. Whilst the Italians seem to have a bit more flair with their footwear, the quality of the Church's product has been amazing for me.

I boought my first pair in 1988 on a rowing trip for the Henley Regatta. They (and several pairs since) lasted over a decade with care.

Only threw the originals out after losing one of them through some misadventure. They last longer than than an Aussie on Viagra.

Regarding the Bentley, I am a conservative man but if you can get one in yellow with pink fur trim to match my other pimp mobile then you got a deal!