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Do any of the SB companies try to screw the big players by skewing there spreads?

Would they be allowed to get away with it?

Also, what to the SB companies consider to be a big player?



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Not su much big players... but if you area big player AND winner, they're over you like a rash.... first move is to switch you to telephone only can guess the rest..... just a moment, Sir, while I get you a price....


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What is the definition of a big player?
How much do you think you have to be making a year or
on a deal for the SB to notice you?

Is making life difficult for winners a common practise among
all SB firms or are some firms more notorious than others?

Apologies if this has been discussed before (a link to any
existing thread would be nice) but im new to this board?


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Yes, there are other threads on this topic. One SB co I know will get you at £50 pp on the DOW, if you are regularly in profit. Seems to have been limited to day traders. Those with a longer term view may not get "hit".
Simple answer, switch to direct access. No such problems.
OR do long term SB,and hedge the opposite direction on direct access when required.


If anything my experience has been they bend over backwards to accomodate larger traders.

I know of one spreadfirm narrowed the currency spreads by half for a client who was trading regularly at GBP100 point.

Brought the spread back to 6pips which was pretty good compared with many other forex options.

Before anyone asks - no I won't name the firm because they would stop the deal and some might get disadvantaged.

Good trading

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