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Welcome to this forum’s Sticky that contains the cream of the crop, the best threads in the 'Trading Arcades' forum!

What is the ‘Best Threads’ Sticky?
The idea behind the ‘Best Threads’ Sticky is to have a thread pinned permanently at the top of every forum, with links to threads within that forum that are of real merit with quality content.

How can it help me?
Because of the sheer size of T2W, threads that haven’t been active for a while tend to get lost under a sea of newer threads. The links to the ‘Best Threads’ in the next post save you the hassle of wading through the forum yourself, hoping to find the one that’s filled with pearls of wisdom!

What do I need to know about the list?
Each ‘Best Thread' is accompanied by a short description outlining what’s special about it. Threads don’t appear in any particular order, so the thread at the top of the list isn’t necessarily any better or more interesting than the one at the bottom of the list.

I’ve found a great thread! Can you add it for me please?
Sure! If you know of a great thread within this forum that isn’t listed here, please contact timsk Content Manager, with your recommendation, saying what it’s about and what’s good about it and, if he agrees with your assessment, it will be added.


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This is the current list of the ‘Best Threads’ in the 'Trading Arcades’ forum:

The Arcade Traders "Pit Stories" Thread
This is a collection of tales from the pit. It probably won't make you a better trader, but it just might put a smile on your face. Thanks to arabianights for recommernding it as a [best Thread].
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