Best automated trading software?


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I've heard most Hedge funds and Banks have good ones

they might sell you a second hand one (slightly used) for $3-5m ?

test drive it first though

Mr. Crabs

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I've heard most Hedge funds and Banks have good ones

they might sell you a second hand one (slightly used) for $3-5m ?

test drive it first though

Do you use one yourself?

That's a bit expensive but still good to know.

Mr. Crabs

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Are you looking for an automated system? Or like a MAM account management system that copies accounts?

For the MAM option you could try Forex Trade Copier - Forex Signal Copier they have a free trade copier that works well with MAM's.

I was looking for an automated system. Thanks for the tip though, I put it in my favorites tab, will check it out this year I will be exploring all the forex programs I can find before I pick one out after I become more proficient at trading currencies.


or you could spend a few hours backtesting a market and create your own system. not automatic but very effective


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Think about it, If there were was a robot trading software that worked don't you think the whole world would be using it and all of us would be billionaires? None of them work, their all gimmicks to steal your money. There is no exceptions. There are complex algorithms that hedge funds and banks use however they don't sell them and you will never have the resources to use them anyway. Retail forex trading is a "do it yourself world". You ether take to time to learn (which most wont) or save your money.


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Develop an entry system then forward test it for about 2 months, if you are happy with it then call it a decision tool.
hmm, zarforex, zartrading and forexalgos are all hosted on the same ip

between them they have enough nonsense about them to keep pb busy forever, such as fake claims of uk regulation, fake reviews, offshore - bvi, there's tons more muck to rake but no time to rake it :cheesy:

suffice to say, if anyone dumb enough to fall for any of it they've only themselves to blame.
:cheesy: i dont know about IPs... maybe owned by the same Company :)
As long as i withdraw my consistent money each month i am happy and have been doing so for the past 3 months :)

yes all same company, so what is fake about one rubs off on the rest.

Malcolm appears on the forexalgos site


but his name isn't Malcom, it is fake, they've taken the pic from a model agency

meet petr


fake as fake is :(
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lol.... thanks for that light.
Again, maybe all that true, but again, i still receive my funds each month from the profits i make with so for me as an investor, this is what counts, and may i add that i receive my funds through an e wallet within 24 hours...

and thoses profits are as real as it can get $$$$

but because you are following you are not in control of your own destiny. what are you going to do for your profits when they disappear? sites like these pop up, last a while to suck in fools, then they disappear.
so far so good, and know about brokers out there with bad reputation for disapearing.. i don't think they need to, as they are well making nice profits for their clients using their ForexAlgos :)

Been withdrawing around 10% each month... for the past 2 months and for me that was around 3k USD..

They showed me their company docs before i added funds and i have made my own research about them. I have also 2 buddies in their trading systems and they are also happy with the rep support, and the spreads, executions etc...

Plus i dont think you put a 24h withdrawal policy on your website just for the fun of it...

you say you've seen company docs, how do you know that wasn't fake? I suspect you are here to promote them.

here's a quote from one of their sites. site created nov 2014 and they reference the uk fsa, it's called the fca these days but the dimwits haven't realised. try find on the register their registration, they're not, it's a front, they're hoping fools will not check.

the best automated trading platform i have used after alot of comparison would be vertexfx which supports the EA's, Robots and chart trading in a good way. :) i urge you to try it.
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