Hi Everyone :eek:)

I am a young engineering graduate with no trading experience. I want to change my career and move into trading. I am finding it very difficult to get useful advice about pursuing this. What course to do ? books to read ? contacts to make ? papers to read ?

This website is a lifeline for people like me who really are motivated to be a trader.

Thanks for any advice whatsoever.

Max :D


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I assume you want to be "employed" by a financial institution, as opposed to going it on your own...I don't have any idea of how you would go about that. I would think it's all a big boys club type thing and you only get in by invitation.....I really don't know.
I guess a minimum requirement would be to have membership of STA - Society of Technical Analysts and be a qualified Financial Adviser- more exams.

Hope this helps.


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Second bit of advice: Stop nicking me avatar!!!

I know Fins have recruited a few people from the ranks of its customers. So that's one way to get in, if you know what you are doing or are young enough to learn.
I think they employ people that have no trading experiance as well. Which would explain a few things.

(seems a bit like changing sides in a war to me.)

If it's not employment by them, but to be a trader that you are after, then that's a different matter. and you have some hard learning years ahead of you.

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