Beckham Finally leaves


Glad to see beckham has left man u - but I am surprised at the amount.

I expected him to go for more
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Would you please remove the link from your signature - if you wish to advertise you can take out some banner space.

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Won't happen again.

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Absolutely gutted!! :cry: Yes, I am an armchair United fan, have been since I was seven! Real have got the bargain of the century, only £5mill up front :eek: If I'd have known that the up front payment was going to be so small I would have had a whip round myself and bought him just to do my gardening, and the odd kick-about with me mates :cheesy:

If that donkey Rio Ferdinand was worth £29mill? surely Becks value must be upwards of £35/40m?? He'll certainly be worth that to Real from a marketing point of view. They have already put him on the team sheet for promotional matches in the Far East so there is a good chance that by the time the new season kicks off they will have recouped their £5m, they as good as got him for free! Directors of Man Utd need firing for cutting such a cr@p deal, and they think they did well. Losers!
Yeah, although I think he is overrated, I still expected more money for him.

He's a marketing gem - will generate loads of revenue for any club.

I wouldn't only blame the board - I reckon fergy had a major role in this. I think they knew the only club he would leave for was real.
I can't see the problem, I think Sir Alex was wise to ditch him. He's overrated and no way their best player, Sir Alex himself said that is was Ruud van N who won them the title. And with MU now having that Nike deal they don't even need Becks for his spending power.
He wasn't sold for more because Real don't really need him for his football skills, like say Zidane, and also Sir Alex was worried he'd run down his contract and leave for nothing - now that would have been a crap deal.
I think both clubs have done pretty well and Becks if he's going to be paid £120k per week to take a few free kicks and fart on the bench.

Yeah no major problem, glad to see him go. Just thought he would have went for more!

I do like Becks loads but I reckon he's digging his own grave at Barnabeu - since he's not really a match to Ronaldo, Zidane or Raul....of coz he'll pick up loads from those chaps - but he's not going 2 shine there as much as at Old Trafford....
Why doesn't everyone get of the guys back. He's just a guy like you or I that got a break by being fairly good at kicking a ball. One of two things happened that made him highly marketable:

1) Scoring from the halfway line against Wimbledon as a 17 year old
2) Getting sent off against the Argies
3) Getting it on with Posh
4) Scoring the freekick in the last minute to take us to the world cup
5) Scoring the penalty that beat Argentina

Roy of the Rovers stuff really. Thats why he is just about the most famous person on the planet.

Why do we Englishmen hate our heroes?

Beckham isn't blessed with the best brains in the world, or with the best football talent but he gives 100% on the pitch and has a good heart off it.

I for one wish him well in Madrid and think Man Utd will be poorer for his exit.

I'm a manck, use to go to every home game, personally I'm glad he's gone, but agree with china white ( the options master)
he will be cast in to the shadows at the Barnabeu.

Hopefully we will now see the silky skills of Veron, which were evident before he moved to us !!! :rolleyes:
JonnyT said:

Roy of the Rovers stuff really. Thats why he is just about the most famous person on the planet.

Sorry but I don't agree that it is football talents soley that has made him as famous as he is.

No one would have cared until he married posh. Women love buying a mag once vicky and becks are on it - thats what has made him so marketable - he appeals to a wide audience.

Football isn't the reason.
Hi Tim,

Read my post...

Then read it again.

It never said football talents made him so marketable. Didn't I mention posh? Anyone can score from the halfway line, I have. Anyone can score an important last minute goal. I scored a penalty with the last kick of the match that secured a promotion. Anyone can get sent off. It happened to me once. I had little talent though got paid for my endevours nevertheless. I did however have a great heart.

Your post impled that it was more due to football.... Anyway, maybe I picked you up wrong!

The end of the day - Im a man u fan thqat is delighted this saga is finally over!

Beckham joins LA Galaxy


I think David Beckham might find it hard to connect with some of his MLS fellow professionals and the fans, due to the fact that he will be making around £70,000 per day, whereas the MLS average salary is around $68,000 = $1.9m salary cap per club divided a 28 player roster.

While this salary is undeserved, obscene and some will consider it a disgrace (he's hardly the Micheal Jordan of football in terms of ability), I think Beckham is bright enough and generous enough to do lots of good things with his cash once he's retired from football.

Perhaps he'll join forces with Bono, Bob Geldof, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet (and other immensely talented visionaries and philanthropists of our time ;) )?
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JTrader............ what puzzles me is from being a really good teenager with a great shot he then withered ...... but became a free-kick expert.... How the hell did they manage to make him such a HUGE business... ??

Amazing........... good luck to the bloke... but it's his managers/agents I really admire!
After all it didn't just happen....
Hook Shot said:
Amazing........... good luck to the bloke... but it's his managers/agents I really admire!
After all it didn't just happen.... snowballed............

Although he can expect to earn $50m * 5 years, it seems LA Galaxy are only paying him $10m PA. $100m of the $250m over 5 years comes in the form of existing endorsements. A further potental $20m PA comes from his split from shirt sales and LA Galaxy profits.
karmit said:
yes.. Beckham is only good for selling t-shirts... useless footballer

Mutli million pounds for selling t-shirts nice work....... if you can get it :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Yep, but in 10 years time it'll be David who? Whereas Hurst, the Moores, Charlton and the other boys of '66 will be remembered forever, since they actually won something. Money can't buy you that !

There was a great interview on the radio last night that went something like this:
Serious Radio 4 Interviewer: Are you looking forward to the Beckhams arriving in Los Angeles?
Hello Magazine's LA Correspondent (yes, really): Er, yes - but that's mainly because I work for a British magazine.
Interviewer: So the American paparazzi won't be following Victoria whenever she pops out to the shops?
Hello person: I doubt it. We have real celebrities over here, remember.
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