Be away for a while....


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I'm doing a major Kitchen rebuild,so Ive not been able to get on a PC to do anything. I didn't even switch on my home PC all weekend! That's a first... so my input will be minimal for a while and I didn't even get to put a comp entry in. I'll be back around on a week or so.
Martin, you're not the only one.

I've been away the last three weekends, when I spend most of my time on the site.. and again I'm going away this weekend to see Madonna in Paris. Then a few days after the following weekend I fly out to Barcelona for three months!

What this means is I haven't been trading, and probably won't now until October. So I've been very quiet on the board, but I still read all the new posts; and behind the scenes work is still progressing on the new site.. so looking forward to the Autumn when hopefully will the market will have turned around and we have a brand new site to celebrate it.

Anyway good luck with the Kitchen Martin, I have enough trouble putting shelves up.