BBC Weekly caption - 31 July


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Anyone want to play ?

This week, the Rolling Stones (and their promoter Michel Cohl) were given keys to the Canadian city of Toronto for playing a Sars benefit gig there. What's being said?


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hey mr photographer man from where I am on the floor I can see
you're flies are undone !
All ready ? Smile please ?
Wait a minute, I can see Happy,Dopey,Sleepy, Sneezy , Bashful
and Doc. But where's Grumpy gone ?
Expected to get rather more when we lashed out five grand for the key to spreadbetting
The Rolling stone members are awarded the keys to luxury apartments for their lifetime acheivements, by the CE of McCarthy retirement homes

Do you think NORAD will miss the keys?
"The bad news is our locals have locked up their grannies. The good news is these skeleton keys are on us."
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Pick-pocket pictured robbing Keith Richards during ceremony. -- his response "It felt good,man.So I just went with it."
Here are the winners:

6. Mandy Soan, Springfield, Fife
Not for the first time, the boys all find themselves holding different keys.

5. Andrew, Toronto, Canada
Clockwork! So that's what keeps them going.

4. Richard Todd, Solihull, UK
"'Ere Keef, which end d'ya light?"

3. Helen Shea, Coventry
The group saw the wife-swapping party as a chance to relive the hedonistic days of their youth.

2. Michael Brown, Ottawa, Canada
Mayor Mel: Note to self - change locks

1. Steve Sutton, St Albans, UK
"I see dead people," piped a little boy's voice.

hummph . Pretty poor wouldn't you say ?
even 'singing' in different keys' might have raised some sort of smile ?