baltimore - to miss earnings?


Hello everyone. I'm not sure how to go about this because i don't want to be seen as needlessly scare-mongering, but i feel it could be very helpful. Anyone who is familiar with the moneyworld bulletin board will know Ash Sharma. Many people don't like him and think he posts for personal gain. This may be true but there is no denying that he knows what he is talking about. I receive emails from him on a regular basis, concerning where the market will go in the next few weeks and analysis on particular stocks, which are usually fairly accurate (he advised liquidity before the correction in March). In his latest email he commented on the possibility of BLM missing its earnings. I am in no position to comment on this but think it could be a useful discussion particularly as i know a few of us hold BLM. Also what would be the consequences of such a statement? Thanks

If BLM miss then alot of High value high tech stocks will get hit. A hit that I believe would take alot of recovering from. I hold no BLM shares but hope they do not miss!!!
I'm not overly impressed with Ash Sharma's predictions........or his book. A better politician than a trader?

Interesting. As most know, I am a big fan of Baltimore. And the way they have won some big contracts, I am unsure that the next quarter results will be below expectations. Yet strange things can and do happen, so it is wise not to be complacent. In this climate, buying and holding is not the best option. Instead, I aim to active trade, buying the dips etc. For what its worth, I think/ hope BLM will reach about 400 mid-week, then I will be looking to be out and happy with my profit. Fingers crossed,

I just wanted to bring people's attention to the POSSIBILITY that they may miss earnings, so that we can discuss it and watch for any signals that this may happen, and so we're not caught out. And I see we have a couple of Ash Sharma admirers in our midst! All the best