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I developed a trading model that utilizes algorithms for multiple time frames...quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily analysis. To signal Buys or Sells, criteria must be met by each of the respective data sets.

On a real-time basis, the formulas are equally effective when applied to stocks, mutual funds or indices.

Most technical analysis calculates only daily data. For that reason, I have been unable to locate software that allows me to validate my methodology in past trades by integrating time frames into a backtesting framework.

To accomplish my task, I need to backtest at least ten years of history. Is there a software product available to accomplish my proposed project?


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I am sure there are others but I know for sure that Fibonacci Trader utilises indicators/strategies/systems (call them what you wish) calculated against three different timeframes simultaneously. If you want to write your own indicators/algorithms then you can use these but practically speaking they have to be written in VB (you can use excel and dde but it isn't great).

Fib Trader is great for longer term swing trading and validating methods/systems. I will say that I have had problems with it using it for day trading simply because it's tick capture mechanism isn't quick enough to keep up with fast markets.

Anyway, you can try it out for 30 days for free at:


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I'm not sure why this was posted here as I am not aware that what you ask is possible with Updata

Why don't you have a look at or at Tradestation 2000i - both sites can be accessed from the T2W Software guide


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I'm not sure which bits of your posts are questions and which bits statements.
However, Updata has an Optimiser option that will work out the optimum trades that could have been made over extended periods using a variety of moving average types etc to trigger entries and exits.
Obviously, the more parameters you enter, the longer it takes.
It does produce a list at the end of buys, sells and dates against each of the options.

Hope this helps.



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Yep Updata's Indicator Optimiser does do this sort of stuff - seems fairly flexible when testing for simple signals but if you're getting complicated - ie combinations of signals triggering yr exit/entry then I don't know of anything that does it. If you give more detail of what back testing you want to do can probably let you know for sure if it does do what you want.

Peronally I think backtesting is dangerous - it's too easy to just look at the back results and think everything is going to be the same in future - it seldom is. However I have found it quite useful as a quick reference.
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