Avian or Bird Flu


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This Bird Flu seems to be cropping up more in the news at the moment.
Is it another "sars" about to happen :?:


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Sars etc.

Hm. Good question - the EU has banned all chicken imports etc. from Thailand. The only think that surprises me is why the UE buiys chickens from Thailand. They are only £1.99 in Tescos (ready cooked). How can you make money importing live Thai chickens?

As for SARS the last thing I read on Bloombrg was that this is definately not SARS.


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it seems to be localised at the moment in the east, but they are worried it may (and can)jump to humans, there in lies the risk as there is no known cure for it, and its a killer. fingers crossed.


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them thar markets dont like uncertainty old bean.

Just have a look at the charts from the far east this time last year. Yes i know we were in a big ole downtrend at the time, but when the SARS case were announced, the market decline accelerated. Had a fair effect on the Western Markets too.

Whilst the actual effect on the world may not be that great, the effect on the markets is noticeable.

I think the DOW is now just starting its retracement, and Avian Flu isnt going to help arrest this.

just my 5 zlotys.



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Buy or Sell Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bernard Mathews, Mr Cluck, Eggs R Us, Chicken Futures (?eh), etc. Will the consumer switch to Mc Donalds?

What about the drug firms?

Salty Gibbon

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The markets spit and f**t about almost anything.

SARS or Rooster Flu aint a big deal.

The big market effect will take place when OBL gets his next big hit in on Uncle George and his minions.
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