AutoTrader - Auto Monitoring & trading program for your spread betting account

Jan 5, 2009
Hi All
I have had some experience in spread betting. What I have observed are these
1. You got to be infront of the screen all the time to make some money.

2. You need to have certain limits or stop losses to risk control your positions and not lose money.

3. You need not close the loss trade, as you could hedge it when in loss and take profit on the other side and still not close until the market recovers.( i might be talking in my own framework, which is difficult to explain without charts).

So, i am wondering if anyone would be interested in a program called 'autotrader' where it would monitor your positions on your spread betting account, take trades on the opposite side when your stop loss limit arrives, and takes profit when required at set levels based on your set criteria. This is not a marketing campaign, but an idea where a program can be developed and used. Any ideas if such a program already exists and I would like to know your interest in such a program.

Sep 9, 2006
Funnily enough, I would have the opposite problem. The programming bit doesn't scare me, but I'm having difficulty finding a winning strategy that could be left on its own.

Also, don't most spread betting firms prohibit trading bots?



Jack Hughes

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Aug 1, 2009
Re: AutoTrader - Auto Monitoring & trading program for your spread betting account

Why hedge instead of use a stop loss, though? Assuming you're meaning ont he same or a similar market, It can work for dealing with spikes on news announcements, or when a SB platform crashes, but usually you just pay twice as much spread.