Automated Trading System for CFD Trading

Jul 13, 2016
Over the last three years I have build an automated trading system (on a private basis) which is currently connected to the broker "City Index" over an API.
I have already implemented a lot of (my own) CFD strategies and it is all running pretty well. The database (which contains most of the logic) is based on MS SQL Server 2014 and the API I programmed in C#. My system is suitable for long-term holding as well as for day trading (but not for high frequency trading). Live prices for any markets provided by City Index are available. It takes about 500 milliseconds (0.5 seconds) from the moment of calculating an order (based on the strategy) until the orders is processed successfully at the broker.

Does anybody have a successful strategy that could be automated but you don't know how and you don't want to use any of the generic tools available? Maybe I could automate your strategy on my automated trading system (for a small variable or fixed commission of course). I can append unlimited additional strategies to my system as long as the strategy really can be automated.

Does anybody have interest?