Automated Stocks Trading webinar this Sunday


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Hi guys,

My name is Val from Vancouver.

I post here and mostly on ET in Automated Stocks Journal.

As the name suggests, I develop/run automated trading systems, specifically for stocks.

While in a general sense, most questions about what I do are answered in the journal, people still reach out to ask the same things. This year there has been a surge of new traders, so some friends and acquaintances are also asking. Basically, every month or so, I find myself educating a new "batch" of them on trading.

I enjoy sharing within reason, as soon as it doesn't take too much time. So I thought - maybe I'll just do a Zoom session for anyone who is interested. More impact with less time.

Here is my draft agenda:
- Example of what a systematic strategy consist of
- What realistic single strategy performance looks like
- What trading it manually looks like
- What automation looks like
- Q&A

I did this already with a few friends, and to my surprise, I figured that most people will never do what I did or even attempt to walk the path. They basically realize that things are harder than they thought and go back to looking for something else.

So this is probably gonna be most helpful for folks who looked around already, and realized that there is not shortcut. Also, for discretionary traders who know what they are doing but are curious about how automation/formal backtesting work and if it is worth pursuing.

Plan is to do a session at 9am PST on Sunday. So just PM me if you're interested and I'll send a Zoom link. I'll aim for <1h but if questions are good, a bit longer is ok.

Since I am doing it for the sake of community, if someone volunteers to take meeting notes, we can post them here or in my journal. So it will be available to others who didn't have a chance to attend. But this is obviously optional.

Talk to you on Sunday!

@Akinozragore - I received your reply over email but it doesn't show here.

You're right in the way that - there is no such thing as "writing a trading bot" and walking away for 5 years to see your account grown steadily.

When trading is automated your learning/adaptations happens during your reviews.

Weekly/monthly/quarterly. You are the architect of your systems. They reflect your views on the market. You decide when they are no longer effective and when to introduce new ones. You are still analyzing market data, everything market does is reflected there. Just no need to sit at look at it "as it happens".

Love your posts and success using automated trading. I've been trading for ~8 years and am convinced that automated trading will meet my desired lifestyle after watching Mr Marsten Parker's videos. Would you be kind enough to offer another knowledge-sharing session on how you are using his backtesting software combined with your custom order system? The tradingview backtest is not hitting the mark for me! Thanks in advance,
Hi @rakst.

No plans for another knowledge-sharing session yet. If I do - will post a date here and on ET. Alternatively, you can try to see if there any other people interested and if there is at least 5 - I'd do it. What's the best way to organize a community these days btw? Someone told me about Discord but haven't used it myself.