Auf weidersehen......


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Well folks...the time has come when a man has to do what a man has to!!

Yes, I am off to hopefully snowy Switzerland as of tomorrow for 10 days. Resisted the temptation to dip my toes in, but decided to stay liquid as the market could crash, and I would be blissfully unaware of it!!

Hope to start an Omnitrader share of the day when I return - more for discussion so that we can all learn the uses, and the limitations of this prospecting tool (if anyone is interested, that is....).

Have a wonderful New Year all of you, and lets look forward to a profitable 2001,



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Hiya Titus..

Bon Voyage!!

Switzerland sounds great, take me along!!!

I'll definately be interested in an Omnitrader share of the day, I've got version 4 of Omni, and would find it really useful if we can put our heads together and get some results from it.





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Have a nice break and enjoy skiing Mark..we can use with the energy you stored there when you're back...just watch the legs.. :)

see you..



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Hope you have a lovely time - and don't bother with the blues and reds, just go for the blacks ...

And if you do have a mishap and end up in the bloodwagon, just smile to yourself and think of all the trading you can do while you recover!