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For now the pair is dropping towards 0.7450, but it all depends on the fundamentals later today.

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If you look at the analysis I did yesterday, you'll note that the immediate trend on my hourly chart suggested scalping long positions if price dropped below 0.7595. Not only could you have scalped a few pips, you could have held on for a few dozen more.

However, at 0.7667, I suspect the pair will be pulling back a bit sometime in the not too distant future.


I overlooked the inclusion of 4-hour charts in my analyses yesterday, which is why my tables had an extra row at the bottom. So what did they say?

According to my 4-hour AUDUSD chart, this pair is long, but has been prime for a pullback for the last six hours, though that is of course no guaranty it will actually materialize.

I will almost assuredly look to go long again should price drop back down to the neighborhood of 0.7586 to 0.7607.
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I keep waiting for buying opportunities, but have only been able to grab a few pips here and there from shorting just before pullbacks. The pair never drops down to where I want to enter a long position.

The first real zones of resistance I see on my daily, 4-hour and 1-hour charts are at 0.7731, 0.7703 and 0.7701 respectively.

The levels where I would like to buy based on those same charts are 0.7568, 0.7616 and 0.7647, though at this point I might settle for 0.7658.


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Risk seems towards the downside, 0.7500 is a important support level, break below it means downside movement extending to a wider range.
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