Are we programmers or traders?

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How do you trade?

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There is a difference between questions and provocations.
If you think that a trader is doing a martingale this is the wrong place to discuss about it, martingales are very common also among manual traders.
You can ask information about risk management on Darwins topics.
Here we are dicusssing about the relationship between programming and trading.


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Well... to increase the risk when we are in a losing period...

View attachment 289116

View attachment 289115

...that's not really what would i call "doing well", but everybody do what he wants 🤷‍♂️
It seems you like to attack who differs with you.
Regarding those chart.s No, I'm not increasing the risk when loosing. I lose more because there are around 20 subsystms with their own signals, and sometimes everything correlate because it trades EURUSD USDJPY AND EURJPY. I have never martingaled and never averaged down. Those situations were because several subsystems made several trades at the same time.

But well , it seems you know everything. Those trades ocurred during March 2020. Many traders lost millions during those days and yes my negative-skewed strat (mean reverting) suffered. But my EA never averages down. Because yes, It's everything automated.

pd. I don't trade a 350k account for a broker like AxiTrader because I martingale or average down. That's for sure. A broker doesn't give a prop-account to a martingale man. This is the only and last time I post this kind of post.


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The programmers have the huge default to think binary as they learned computer science as a data processing.
If we treat the information binary, we are far from the Reality.
The world isn't binary.
If a programmer starts to think the trading like something binary, he loses the most important capacity of his brain.
The cerebral plasticity.
If he trades without his cerebral plasticity, he will not be able to change his previous mind, when it will be necessary.
Because he thinks he has to continue to apply what he calls his "system". (that is nothing more than a binary view of the world)
He is blocked.
In other words, we could probably say that he trades without brain.
So, if a programmer could think the world without thinking to his school background, he probably can have the possibilty to become a great trader.
But, i've doubt it could happens.
Almost all the programmers have the default of their intelligence.
And it's not that kind of intelligence that is needed to become a high level trader.
Your Idea of trading is very rigid. Trading is not always black and white.
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Going back on topic.
Systemathic trading is not the only way to make money with markets.
Systemethic trading is a scientific approch to find and make money from inefficiencies of the market.
It existed even before computers and rules had to be backtested manually.
Robust trading systems are not very complex so they dont' need a professional programmer to be coded.
Generally less than 200 lines are enough, it is not a videogame.
Basic programming skills are enough.
A programmer 10 times more skilled will not have 10 times better results in trading.
It is the evaluation of backtests and live results that make the difference on the long run.
Books about algo trading are not books about programming.
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