Are we programmers or traders?

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How do you trade?

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when a programmer is called a trader 😵 The commitments are opposite in extreme ways

If I design and code an algo to speculate the market with my money and time am I a trader or not?
I think programs are tools just like indicators and bars on charts.


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No I'm Spartacus!
Sorry got carried away there, I'm a trader with programming skills too. And, I disagree that "when a programmer is called a trader 😵 The commitments are opposite in extreme ways ", a program is just a way to automate simple tasks quickly and accurately. It avoids the fat finger and other such errors humans are want to make.


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Custom content development, testing of ideas, has always been the edge in trading. Institutional market players have a team of programmers developing custom content - the trader and the programmer is usually not the same person. However retail traders do not have the resources to hire a team of programmers, thus has to do both if they want to use custom content.

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The programmers have the huge default to think binary as they learned computer science as a data processing.
If we treat the information binary, we are far from the Reality.
The world isn't binary.
If a programmer starts to think the trading like something binary, he loses the most important capacity of his brain.
The cerebral plasticity.
If he trades without his cerebral plasticity, he will not be able to change his previous mind, when it will be necessary.
Because he thinks he has to continue to apply what he calls his "system". (that is nothing more than a binary view of the world)
He is blocked.
In other words, we could probably say that he trades without brain.
So, if a programmer could think the world without thinking to his school background, he probably can have the possibilty to become a great trader.
But, i've doubt it could happens.
Almost all the programmers have the default of their intelligence.
And it's not that kind of intelligence that is needed to become a high level trader.
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Well, I'm a programmer and I'm doing really well last 5 years in trading

Well... to increase the risk when we are in a losing period...



...that's not really what would i call "doing well", but everybody do what he wants 🤷‍♂️


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@Pure Pip Producer
Even if you think we are retarded we have understood your point of view, ther is no need to repeat it in 10 different topics.
About @davidautentico trackrecord I think that DMO is more representative of his performance.
If you have any questions for him there is a specific topic in Darwins category.

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@CavaliereVerde Believe me, each time someone will come to speak on the Darwinex Forum with a track-record who average down/martingale, i will be there to show it.

Like a whistleblower.

Do you want to make a law to prevent people from being informed about it? Why?

Do you have any interest on averaging down/martingale? If yes why?
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