Applying Swing tactics to indecis

stoploss please

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I am trying to get my head around Gann and Swing theory so that I can apply it to trading the Dow and Dax.

I have back tested swing tactics on the Dow using a five minute chart and Dax using a 15 minute chart.

I have found that these linear time scales takes out alot of the background noise and whippyness.

Has anyone experiment or gone down this route. :?:
Hi Stoploss please,

Such tactics work :eek:)

Always go with a change of trend in the timescale denoted by either a higher high or lower low. Around 70% of the time you will be rewarded, othertimes not so you have to have a money management policy in place. Thats where the fun starts.


I totally agree where you are coming from. I am doing my peak and trough analysis. However, I sometimes find that I get whipped out of a trade in the early stages.

I have bought a few CDs from a company called Pristine. They are based out in LA. The speaker basically said, indentify the trend in the time scale you are dealing and then just count the colors.

ie, in an up trend, if you see a retracement of between 3 and 5 red bars, look to buy above the last red bars high.

A similar tactic was also described in the excellent book by Marc Rivalland.

I do not totally rely on this technique. I look at a mulitude of indicators but I find counting colors gives you a warning that a retracement maybe nearing its end.

Maybe I should have rephrased my question. When trading intraday. (Dax and Dow). What time scales give the least migrains.