Anyone scalping the FTSE Futures??


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No big move Friday on the dow :( just a waiting game now.

Coronavirus alert - deaths OUTSIDE of China have increased by 100% :eek: thats 2 people who have died now.
That poor English guy who just happened to catch it while on holiday and did everything the NHS asked him to do when he found out has now been labeled by your friendly meedya as a "Super spreader" :rolleyes:. I'm sure there will soon be angry mobs with flaming torches outside his house shouting 'Burn him' (if not some enterprising journalist will arrange it).

FTSE held up quite well considering the chancellor resigned (pushed ahem) and RBS results came in. Still making higher lows and looking to burst through 7,700 before June at this rate.

Happy days.

john jackson III

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I don't think the corono virus is infecting the DOW.

this is increased volatility from redistribution. big players are getting out every new high, then letting it go even higher, to get out again. rinse & repeat. agian and again. this is how TOPS are FORGED. :cool:

late rally friday! push this a bit higher in preopen????


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Dow closed but kicking around the +75 level.
FTSE trying to find a level to hold.

A third person out of 6.5 billion people living outside China has now died 'sad very sad' as an American president might say.
Coronavirus doesnt even make the front page of newspaper or news web sites anymore.
Latest Government advice if schoolchildren have come in contact with the virus "Keep calm and carry on" no need to self isolate.

Well that was a storm in a teacup, what a lot of nonsense.

I'm long and holding...

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Apple not able to reach revenue targets
The warning signs ere there, markets are choosing to ignore them for now

Blackstone Group was one of the few Wall Street firms that did well through the financial crisis mainly through the foresight of one of its founders, the billionaire investor, Stephen A Schwarzman. Schwarzman is a keen observer of market cycles, having seen seven major recessions and market crashes in his career. He recently released his book, ‘What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence’ The book covers the methods of picking market tops and bottoms. Schwarzman believes that market tops are relatively easy to recognise (much easier than market bottoms), he believes that a surplus of cheap debt, relaxed loan covenants, and overconfident buyers are some of the best indicators a top is near, he goes on to say "Investors are deluding themselves.... they think they want to make money, but in reality, they just want the psychological comfort of investing with the crowd". This applies equally to a sell-off.

These words appear to be very relevant to where markets are now, complacency created by the comfort of being with the crowd makes investors oblivious to warning signs.
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I am setting my exit levels on current longs to the following, if these levels are reached I'd have no longs left and would no contemplate new buys until a meaningful dip occurs or earning prove me wrong in thinking markets are top-heavy.:

18-Feb-20 Rez
ASX200 7,230
NIK225 23,842
FTSE100 7,533
DAX30 14,020
MDAX50 29,779
CAC40 6,206
MIB40 25,534
IBEX35 10,231
EU50/STOXX50 3,930
DOW 29,872
RUSSELL2000 1,713
SPX500 3,434
NDAQ100 9,791

Estimate for the VIXFeb Futures: 13.09
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