Anyone scalping the FTSE Futures??


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2,720 290 buyers coming in. I jumped the gun with a long


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Do we get a follow-through tomorrow

or a turnaround Tuesday?

medallion way

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Interesting, we got both a new high and a one month low on the same day. Participants are coming to terms that phase1 trade deal is a fizzier and even if done, it will not resolve the trade issues and so the possibility of more tariffs down the road is likely. All that's holding the sell-off from being a correction is non-implementation of the 15th Dec tariffs which, IMO, are likely to be deferred but not cancelled. A correction might be avoided for Dec, but it is likely to happen early 2020. I remain Short US, Long EU.

Monday 1% sell-off effected both US & EU. Firstly Trump imposed tariffs on Brazilian and Argentinian steel and aluminum that cough investors by surprise rattling markets. Secondly weaker manufacturing data in both Europe and the US compounded the already weak sentiment. Shares, Bonds and the USD were all hit hard mainly because both events are indicative of things yet to come, not least tariffs of up to 100% on French goods, threats of the same on Italy, Austria & India. Markets are overvalued, bulls should indeed reassess... there is nothing but sentiment to drive markets higher, if that dwindles, a correction is more likely that new highs. "tariff man" has again struck for reasons other than trade (as he did with Mexico)... just how much can Trump keep imposing new taxes on Americans before the consumer stops the extravagance that's lifting sentiment? The guy has no creative solution to anything other than the blunt instrument of tariffs for everything... He'll tax America into recession! It's good that he's looking after the farmers but he's doing so out of the pockets of other Americans.
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