Anyone scalping the FTSE Futures??


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Thanks. Sorry but I did mean to answer your last question about options out of the money ( just forgot until now). In the norm, out of the money options are a no go, but every now and again we will have an extreme price extension situation, which correlates with an advancement of time (ie the price hits a level way a head of time). This "tends" to mean a greater than normal imbalance of either shorts or longs. But due to the extreme condition a traditional stop would be near on impossible. You could call the direction correctly but be stopped out. So cheap premium in my opinion compensates for this . In terms of size I'm not sure there is a problem, you can always do cross market if you are a monster trader/fund.

Hope this helps?
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Is this what you guys mean by a volume signal. Spike up in volume but next to nothing on the price
Steady on Inky! I think you might be getting a bit avant-garde* there :) Perhaps a volume aficionado could pitch in with some analysis.......

* I think that my fellow Welsh speaker @ricsop will confirm that I have the correct orthography

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