Anyone scalping the FTSE Futures??


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I swing trade the FTSE100 Looking for 200 pts+ Expecting a drop to 6000 - 6200 then back up to 6800 - 7000


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I'm a DOW, and forex majors pair trader. Can anyone tell me do the DOW and FTSE correlate?
I assume you are talking short-term. They correlate better if you express FTSE in USD (ie multiply by GBPUSD). Here's the last few days of DJIA (candleS), FTSE (cyan), and FTSE in USD (blue)


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If you have not watched my video on my stock market system to predict the moves on the Dow Jones then this is a picture of the indicators I use. This is a 3 month 1 day bar chart of the Dow Jones. The top window is the Dow Jones. Under this is the first indicator that I use to predict the rise and fall. What I am interested in is when the indicator reaches 100% in the green or 100% in the red. You buy into the Dow Jones when the indicator (in red) turns up from 100%. You sell when the indicator (in green) turns down from 100%. As you can see it appears to predict the direction of the Dow Jones very accurately. Let me know what you think.
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@batsonar that's a very unusual username you've chosen. What made you chose it? Given that "SonOfGod" is still available if you want it. :eek:

I am going to hell for this. :giggle:

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