Anyone scalping the FTSE Futures??

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Headline today: Dow rebounds, Job growth slows

Trade headlines continue to be the driving force behind the market sentiment, responsible for both Tuesday's decline and Wednesday's rebound in U.S. stock index futures, everything else is pretty much ignored, even the evidence of a slowing economy. European stocks, as usual, were brought along for the ride but this correlation might brake when the UK enters elections on Dec 12. Keeping with tradition, UK elections will be on a Thursday during the trading session... expect the usual minute by minute exit pole announcements that put the bots on heat with each announcement, until then, I think trade remains in centre stage.

Neil Dwane, global strategist at Allianz, said it's surprising the market still reacts after nearly two years of "close to a deal" talk, It’s like we’ve all become Pavlov’s dog, every time someone says ‘trade deal,’ markets go up or we go down.

But Fred Imbert writes that Just before bull markets end, they often enjoy a flash of brilliance, like a star dying in the sky. CNBC's Fred Imbert writes that stocks may have just hit a blow-off top, based on how they've looked in the past.

The Dow was up 10.5% in a short amount of time, on par with past bull market-ending rallies since 1901.


My view is that the obsession with trade and the disregard to signs that the US economy is slowing is distorting markets, they are much above fair value. I remain net short US.
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the low of the week (LOW) is 27300. da bull could (allow) a shave of a 100 or even 200 pts, from here and still not lose there bull balls/

they set that on purpose!!

a big ass range ...where they can exploit at there whim!!

we sell at the bottom, and we buy at the top.they cash in between!
You been Trumped Pip.

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at 28K, on the tired end of a friday. dowboys are saying..."now wtf do we with this?"

ahh, you sell dipshts:whistle:like should have been all along

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god, they don't want to show any weakness. DA BULL!! god help them.

they have actually another couple hundred points above they can play with, b4 they really have to j.u.s.t.i.f.y :|

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Six days to go before Trump has to show whether he's a strongman or China's puppet.
Funny how the 2 most powerful men in the world are making decisions on impulse, personal beliefs and ego.... if things end well it's only because their ego-driven decision happens to coincide with the right thing to do.

so, we have (in order of power):
The nu.1 man, Trump, running the country, qualified in... not sure, lets say a qualified media personality
The nu.2 man, Powell, running the banks with a mandate to keep growth steady, qualified as a lawyer
The nu.3 person, Nancy, making laws, qualified in........ you fill in the blank
The nu.4 man, Kudlow, head of the economic council in charge of co-ordiniting the above3, qualified in... another media personality, a history graduate and cocaine addict that thinks himself an economist.

God Help America!

Of the 4, Kudlow is the most qualified to know that trade wars were what caused the great depression, perhaps he should stop trying to predict and sugarcoat, and sit tariff-man down, teach him history and diplomacy.
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