Anyone scalping the FTSE Futures??


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To be honest, I think it is getting so difficult to trade fundamentally, we all know there is a bubble, and obviously it is true for all the policy setter, they are doing whatever to prevent it happens, so it restarts QE, having negative interest, or by any other actions. So the stock market is still attracting money from bond market or other money markets, it looks very difficult to drop (big), especially the trade deal outcome is looking more positive.


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Stocks were up Thursday when reports indicated that China and the U.S. were likely to roll back tariffs, this was a Chinese initiative that was not likely to be endorsed by Trump simply on the reason that it took the thunder away from him. As expected, on Friday, President Trump said he did not agree to take tariffs off the negotiating table i.e. Trump wants to be in charge, he does not want an automatic "we do this and you do that" arrangement. No surprise to Trump's reaction, the surprise was that markets didn't tank but ended the trading day higher.

I subscribe to Patti Domm's view that a dramatic decline in earnings is expected and this will not bode well for stocks, however, for now, the sentiment is high, trade has not dented the optimism but a focus on the elections might. I remain net short in the US.
Good to hear new opinions on the thread, no one can be said to be right or wrong they just trade the way they see the markets.
I for one would like to hear more of what you have to say. (y)
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Trump played-up the mini-deal, now he's backtracking... How many times does Trump have to see the movie before he gets it? The Chinese are not the tough and grate negotiators he said they are, they are just masters in playing him and in frustration as all Asians negotiators are... Agree to everything then do nothing. With so much on Trump's plate, I fail to see why he personally gets involved with the negotiators, especially on a mini-deal with no substance even if done, likewise, I fail to see why market players keep getting suckered by Trump. Not sure markets will react to today's tweet... the deal is not much of a deal (regurgitated promises, foolish to reduce tariffs on old promises) and trade fatigue is in play.

Asia, however, is down on escalating events in HKG and China's statement that the Chief Executive in HKG must be a "patriot" i.e. aligned to China's interests, this can be taken as a warning to Carrie Lam and something that Nancy will no doubt comment on with foot in mouth entangling the US into China's internal affairs (unless she's so focused on impeaching Trump that nothing else matters).

I have buy orders on the HSI at 26,678, on the DOW at 27,066 and 3,064 on the S&P, these are for short term plays expiring end of business today, longer term positioning remains net short in the US & net long on EU markets.
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maybe trump wants this to fall...

there impeaching me! look what happened to the stock market!

you won't have any $$$ to buy xmas presents!

hmmm...give the 'plunge protection team' a month off with wages, he bellows.

they can always run it BACK up 2 weeks before...
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maybe trump wants this to fall...
Indeed, must be a slap in the face for Trump to see markets near ATH despite impeachment hearing starting in 2 days

I'm staying net short US... If it looks likely that Nancy takes the white house then God help America!

The 100+ rally in the last 30 mins does not see to have volume
The components might have, need to look at those too, BOEING represents 6% of the Index and it was up 5.5% (90 DOW pts)
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