Anyone scalping the FTSE Futures??


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staying short, for now. my whole acct is on the line.

maybe here they'll take this down for this week thru friday, monday gap down...tues??

BS. this is insane. at some point the insanity has to stop doesn't it.

and, when it does stop o_O
Why do you repeatedly put your whole account on the line? It ALWAYS ends in disaster.
Successful people (including traders) learn from there mistakes***, it appears you are incapable of learning from your own past mistakes and therefore will never be a successful trader.

***Really clever people learn from OTHER peoples mistakes!

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What does this spike to 27770 tell us?
It tells you the cocaine high of the players is at play, luckily it wears-off after a while and so the madness subsides

The news that brought markets up was all fumes also... "we will do this if we agree on that" is this market-moving news? Nothing agreed yet so nothing done yet... it's not news! Trump hasn't even responded yet so it's just a proposal from the Chinese... the news is that China seems to be going public beating Trump to the punch, I'm sure Trump does not like this... it steals his thunder!
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Stocks were up Thursday when reports indicated that China and the U.S. were likely to roll back tariffs, this was a Chinese initiative that was not likely to be endorsed by Trump simply on the reason that it took the thunder away from him. As expected, on Friday, President Trump said he did not agree to take tariffs off the negotiating table i.e. Trump wants to be in charge, he does not want an automatic "we do this and you do that" arrangement. No surprise to Trump's reaction, the surprise was that markets didn't tank but ended the trading day higher.


I subscribe to Patti Domm's view that a dramatic decline in earnings is expected and this will not bode well for stocks, however, for now, the sentiment is high, trade has not dented the optimism but a focus on the elections might. I remain net short in the US.

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I see symmetry in the Oct18 to Ded18 patterns with the Aug19 to Nov19 pattern. In 2018 we had Powell playing silly bugger, in 2019 we have the Democrats swinging their wrecking ball indiscriminately wrecking things. Patterns are showing similar investor's behaviour to the similar risk the 2 periods had, and, PE is 145% of GDP, bubble territory. At these highs and with an economy growing slower than in 2018, investors are more likely to take profits than to buy more. The 2018 paterns show that in Oct18 investors were selling, dump money was buying what they sold, by Dec18 the dumb money dried up and markets tanked, in my eye, the same thing is happening.
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