Anyone scalping the FTSE Futures??


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We all have graphs so posting a graph without telling us why (what you are predicting/seeing) is rather futile.

Why not post your targets or what you are buying/selling? Much more interesting than a graph with no rhyme or reason why it's being posted.
Rather than add to the enormous volume of analysis of variable value, Dentist has been providing a useful service for several years primariliy (but not exclusively) based on p&f analysis. If the question of the merit of his charts interests you at all then you could do worse than read his own thread.
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john jackson III

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staying short, for now. my whole acct is on the line.

maybe here they'll take this down for this week thru friday, monday gap down...tues??

BS. this is insane. at some point the insanity has to stop doesn't it.

and, when it does stop o_O
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