Anyone need any help?


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I respect Alpesh Patel and have seen him go from strength to strength since about 15 years ago. Always went for rational simple practical approaches. Nice that he came from private retail investing too, not the corporate career track. Saw him deliver a concise presentation on his fund's strategy earlier in the year - its trend-following with MA's and pyramiding. Its worth millions.

As for pips predator, I'm certain he never even mentioned it, take from that what you will. Certainly though, he is a guy who proves that the old saying - those who can't trade, teach - is utterly unreliable.

My understanding is that pips predator is a trade signal software system to generate high probability trades based on technical indicators like macd and stoch's. This is coupled with guidance on trade management.

Alpesh is quite entertaining and flamboyant (some might say arrogant) particularly when interviewed on BBC for business etc - likes to take contrarian viewpoints.

I have never quite understood why a hedge fund CEO would take the time and effort to hawk a proprietary training system to the plebs - obviously to make (more) money but I would have thought his hedge fund (Praefinium partners) would deliver that.

That said I have not heard anything bad about his PP system yet.

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What a foreign currency exchange trader will require to ensure success in the forex market? It is one of the most common questions in the beginners’ minds. A trader can be different from the others so what works for one may not completely work for the others. But few common features of every successful trader are: patience, hard work, risk management, fund management, right selection of broker and adequate trading skills.


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I agree, that is the gist of it. I would also add that a trade needs to be disciplined and to follow their trading plan, rather than make impulsive traders.


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It's another sunny afternoon. I'm chilling and catching some rays. As the title says. Anyone need any help?


Hello Lee,

I am a systematic trend-following trader using foreign exchange pairs.

All of my systems development work is in Excel.

I am seeking to take live data from either IG’s API (IG Labs) or MT4/5 and import it into Excel and I would like this to be an automatic process.

The data imported into an Excel worksheet could be any user-definable periodicity, for example, 1 minute, 5 minutes or 1 hour. Thus, a spreadsheet could contain (as an example), three worksheets, with Worksheet 1 containing 1 minute data, Worksheet 2 containing 5 minute data and Worksheet 3 containing hourly data.

Each worksheet would contain the last (as an example) 6 months’ worth of data for each of the three time frames – data should be “flushed” automatically.

I would like each of these worksheets to update automatically. Data should update automatically on a row-by-row basis with all system calculations in each row also updating automatically. System calculations (ie. formulae) should be able to be changed on an ongoing basis, with additional columns (containing formulae) also able to be added.

I am not a programmer and the technical skills required to achieve the above are beyond my ability.

Are you able to provide any advice / guidance / help to me in this area?

I've already posted to the "systems" section of T2W, the IG Labs forum and the MT4 forums. I have googled and searched online about this topic and it crops up quite a few times.

Many thanks for your time, Nansen.
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