Anyone here with WHSelfinvest Futures ?


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For more than 10 years I was a client of their Lux setup - stayed through their MF Global phase. But i`ve closed my futures accounts (and only those).

Pro: Safety of funds, good executions, good telephone support, telephon orders.....

Con: Only futures, just futures -- no corresponding options for hedging tradeble, Akward free platform, no free web platform, no api, no free api, lots of fees, even more fees and...... if you for prorealtime already at other firm ( IG...) you pay again and pay lots!

So, if you are young and scalping via free Ninja, ok - if you prefer real bucks at higher TF`s ...



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Hi Hiifeld, thx for the feedback.

For th erecord I only trade futures so I'm fine that with that.

They've got a new platform now for futures, the Nano tarder whiich is really really greart having demoed that so far, and fee wise thatI think € 39,- / month or sthg, price feed from Pats.

And then you've got the commissions, but what other fees come in beyond that ?

Thanks mate.


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if you are young and scalping via free Ninja, ok - if you prefer real bucks at higher TF`s ...

I love this comment. :) especially as I just missed tick whoring the bund of yesterdays low.
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Haha !

Rereading my post up there I should make a note to myself:

Don't start typing until you've had your second cup of coffee in the morning !



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Haha yeah gotta remember dem ole details when going deep undercover to the, err, dark side of stuff !!!

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