Anyone heard of Stu Whisson?


I would like to know if anyone out there has ever come across, or has any dealings with, Stu Whisson and his trader training website :?:
Had a quick look at the website. There is so much junk to read through I soon started thinking it looks like a sales pitch. Found it hard to find the free 3 day trial and haven't received an email from them yet. I was directed to a page asking for £49.95.

If you have to register a credit card to get a free trial I wouldn't bother. The money back guarantee looks hopeless as you have to wait a year to get your money back. It is worth asking for the terms of the money back guarantee as most of these offers seem to make it very hard to get your money back.

There seem to be lots of these websites around but very few independent reviews of their services Personally I think most of them should be avoided.
Thank you for the viewpoint BB. The fact that they asked for money before they give a free trial didn't go down to well with me either. As the old adage goes, nothing in life comes for free!!
Sound like this guy's another VS!
Before you decide, have a look at a guy called Hugo Lawrence's site. You might be interested to know his mathematical strategies predicted the Dow was a 'BUY' on 7th Aug @9061 and a 'SELL' @ 9454 yesterday! I'll leave you to work out the points.

I did his course some time ago now and I believe it's been updated recently. He used to do a home study courses but it looks as though that's not available now - but you could ask.

Others on this board may have done his course too. Ask them what they think before you decide anything.
BigBusiness has the right attitude.

All the sales pitch, all the marketing crap, whenever you see a pitch like this, there's a 95% chance that it won't be any good.

On a side point, have you read about the 'Property Tycoon' in Aus that has just gone bust. He was one of those sharks selling 'dreams' and 'get rich quick' seminars for 1,000's AS Dollars. Basically everyone after him now because surprise surprise those dreams turned pretty quickly into nightmares.

I am Stu Whisson and am interested in some of the comments on here. Namely our 3 day offer that was, wasn't asking for money right away - that person has got this wrong. The offer was signup and get the first 3 days free, if you like simply stay subscribed if not cancel and you can walk away.

I to have seen an increase on Spread Betting services like mine online. However, I know for fact that my company and website provide quality support and training to all members. Plus, we show our own trades every week, to show our techniques work.

You only have to see the testimonials we receive regularly, which are posted on the site for all to see.

Finally, we offer a full 100% money back gaurantee.


I haven't visited your website & so cannot comment in any depth, however I wouldn't be willing to part with any cash following a 'free' trial of only three days. This is nowhere near long enough to allow any sort of true objective assessment of the accuracy of the service you offer, especially with regards to spreadbetting, which by it's very nature should entail longer term trades.
Hi Simon

Sorry have been busy training.

Three days or 3 months makes little difference as the member gets all the information on our techniques and can download the workbooks if he/she so wishes. The 3 days allows you to have a look at our current trades we have running and to ask us any questions.

On the 3 day trial in question, we don't take any money from you for at least 3 days and if you wish you could cancel at any time prior to that and owe nothing.

We have since closed the 3 day offer. We have changed our pricing and are will soon be offering free training if you Open an IGIndex account through our website. We are in negotiation on IGIndex who have recognised us and we will be shortly offering something special for visitors and members alike.

I hope this answers your questions and indeed if anyone has ANY questions I would only be too pleased to answer them via email. I don't have a great deal of time to answer the forums.

Warmest regards

Stu Whisson