anybody pay for signals?


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i'm thinking of paying for signals, does anybody use any services, or know anything about any, i saw these -
anybody know anything about them???


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Use a 3rd party verification service

Before paying for any trading signals, I would strongly encourage you to require that the vendor's results be verified by a third-party verification service.

The one I run is

but no doubt there are others (none as good as Collective2, of course... ;)



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Don't pay for anything until you've read these boards.
I'll flog you a few though :cheesy:


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Went into collective2 out of curiosity-

I noticed that you are the admin officer for the Scalper system which is top rated- BUT i noticed that it is only 5 weeks old. Does that mean it is optimised frequently ??

Also, are u guys just scalping 1 or 2 ticks in the emini ??



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Actually - just to be clear - Collective2 uses some very, very fancy "session management" - which means that if you click the link leading to Collective2 on the previous message, it might not work. Why do we do this? Why, to improve our ease-of-use, of course.

No seriously, if you are interested in The Scalper trading system, you would use this link instead:

I want to point out that I - and Collective2 - have absolutely nothing to do with The Scalper trading system - or any other on the Collective2 site.

We are simply a trade system verification service - that is, we measure supposedly fantastic trading systems against real-time prices, margin requirements, etc. In other words, we measure how you would do if you actually followed the advice of a given trading system.

We track over 100 trading systems right now. Of course, we would love to track more systems. But - for some reason that is not too hard to imagine - many trading system developers don't want their results measured in a public, verifiable manner. Hmm.

Anyway, come check us out.



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I just had a quick look through your site and it
looks very impressive.

Is there a way to set up a trial system (ie. non-public to try out first).


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Afraid not. But you can go ahead and register your trading system, and - if you decide not to continue - you can just leave it. There's no cost, so there's really nothing to lose.

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