Anybody doing the Pyne training programme now or has done a past intake?


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I posted in another thread that I'd love to hear more about this because I used to know a guy at BarCap who worked at Pyne and he always spoke highly of them... so I'm very surprised to hear they went down the route of getting people to pay to play as an alternative income stream. They were known as a cut above the average prop (or at least I thought they were) so I'd love to know how they deal with the issue of taking on 20 trainees every 3 mths in a unit of about 50 guys... how do they kick you out basically once your training is done?

Pretty please.
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Exactly, also confirmed on their own website:

But where's the insider info!? I really want to know what subtle way they have of getting you to leave after 4-6 mths to make room for the next bunch. Crazy high desk fees? Constant pressure on the P&L? "Feedback based" dismissals?

Still, at least it isn't in Woking....

here is day 1 of the training

just joking, know idea if this firm are any good.
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