Any software giving good signals?


Hi all,

just joined the forum which is very interesting and helpful as I'm a newcomer to trading ( 2 months) using spread betting.
I was wondering if there is any software out there that is a good signal provider?
It seems i come across these programs that claim to make you money using their software, has anyone ever used such a thing?
I guess most of them arent worth the money but i came across this one
Any advice would be great,

A little word of advice, if I may. Don't waste your money on anything or anyone who promises to make you money. This includes software, newsletters, tip sheets, bulletin boards, brokers, IFAs, etc etc.

Learn how to trade using TA (technical analysis). It's not too difficult, and with patience and perseverence it will be rewarding. And you will soon know more than any broker or pension fund manager I've ever met.

This site is full of stuff to help you on your way - always make a point of reading Chartman's daily round-up on S&P and Dow. This is where you will learn most of the basics.

And keep asking questions!
Hi generalford,

There are quite a few system sellers out there but I doubt you'll find anyone here who uses a system they have bought. Trading systems are very personal, they literally need to reflect how you as an individual think or you won't be able to use them effectively.
You'll find that most people who are highly motivated to trade go through a phase of "system testing" using software such as AIQ. After a period of that they realise that there isn't any system that is better than one they can devise themselves much more simply and with less grey matter involved :)

There is no magic solution, no easy money and no holy grail.

Look at the way others trade, what they use for markets you are interested in, see which timeframes you like. Find out what makes sense to you and try and work from there. Spend the money you would have spent on someone elses system testing out your own.
General Ford

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